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UnderRated Drilling Machine Still Kills It

UnderRated But Never Out Dated

Written By: Warloxide


Strait out of Humboldt County California comes one of the dopest rappers alive.  UnderRated formally of Potluck is still killing mad bars at speeds so fast it will make your head spin. Known for his stoner habits and hippie like persona he one of the best in the game. With his weed related lyrics he has gained some major traction over the past 16+ years that he’s been around.

He along with former music partner 1 Ton had a good run for over 15 years as Potluck. Over the Years Potluck has toured with various artist including King GordyTwiztidE-40Tech N9neLloyd Banks of G-UnitBone Thugs-n-HarmonyHed PEBoondoxProzak, and the Kottonmouth Kings.

The name Potluck does not come from the same meaning of a ” gathering with food”.   It’s the multiple ethnic groups that joined together to make their albums,  like a potluck of ideas from different cultures. UnderRated acted as the producer producing all the beats and 1 Ton took care of all the tours. After their 15+ year run UnderRated decided to branch off on his solo endevours. He has still been conquering the game and touring across the country making that Stoner music we all love.



Three songs in particular have caught my eardrums by surprise. Going in order there is the : 2 Minute Drill where he spits 40 bars in 2 mins with 1 take 1 track and no punch-ins. This song is the first of the drills that has been released. The video starts with 1 Ton asking him if he is sure he can do it.

Forty bars in 2 mins is no easy task. Many artist have tied and many have failed. Not UnderRated, he stepped into the sound booth and tore that shit up, leaving people in Awe. He is no stranger to the microphone as he proved in this fresh track.



The second track of the series titled: 3 Minute Miracle was even more intense. With lyrics so swift and fast it’ll give Twista and Tech N9ne erections, he kills it yet again. It seems as if UnderRated is trying to set new goals for himself to achieve. It doesn’t appear that he is having any issue completing these goals as he keeps setting the bar higher. Which brings me to the next objective, 4 minutes.



Even after setting the previous limit to 3 minutes he felt that wasn’t enough. He set his sights a little higher as he went for 4 minutes in 4 minute Fire Drill.  Another dope track for the record books. UnderRated in an understatement in his case as he is definitely one of the freshest rappers alive. With this song he took it a step further and added a music video to go with the song. I think we can all agree he has came along way since the early 2000’s.


In conclusion I personally believe that UnderRated is truly under rated. He does however have a huge fan base in the under ground.


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