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Welcoming WOJIE to RoxxxTv

WOJIE cred. Gabriel Tollette

Hello Everyone! My name is Robin Wojt. Most know me by the name of WOJIE (Whoa-G) or Woj, which all is acceptable as long as you don’t call me late for dinner. 😉 I wanted this moment to introduce myself to those who don’t know me yet. I am super excited to expand my skills and resume as a new journalist for

First n foremost, I am a mother of 4 beautiful children, and that will always be my main motivation to succeed and continue to be a role model in the public eye. Second, I am a hip-hop lyricist and underground music enthusiast. I am from Warren, MI. Specifically the south end of the city. Anyone local, knows the difference. I started writing poetry as a young kid, as a result of a rough upbringing being raised in poverty. So a lot of my early songs focuses on the struggle and how grimy the neighborhood is. I started recording early 2012. Once I heard the playback on that verse, there was no turning back. By April 2012, I started performing. I had support at home, and we built a in house studio enough to drop vocals. Using my education from Specs Howard (2007/08) I was able to record and edit my own tracks.

My first release was super low end and called the “MacArthur Music Mixtape” in 2013. A collaboration of a few homies and myself doing songs we referred to as “Dub Bangers”, definitely organic and as real as it gets. As time went on by 2014, I had a handful of solo songs, using local producers I knew, and heading into a more legit direction. By 2015 I finally had enough songs to drop “South Dub’s First Lady Mixtape” and “Debut EP” but unfortunately I was so broke I barely made it to my own party. Still was an epic night, and my day ones understood. After a few life changes, by 2016, I was residing in Flint, cut a few extra tracks and “The Extreme Makeover Mixtape” was born. “Debut EP” stayed as planned, I received a makeover, found my look, got my first photo shoot and got the hard copies pressed, and had an even bigger n better party. Since, I’ve sold or handed out about 600 copies of each. I even learned how to duplicate my own hard copies, Had my first mini-tour in 2017 with Dayton Family and knocked out well over a hundred shows all over Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.


Not only do I perform but a lot of times I host the shows as well. Now a days too when we do shows, I come through with my Facebook Live show called “Tiny and Woj Uncensored.” We go live for the performers. We meet fans. We help promote artists by traveling with their merchandise to hand out and play their music videos on one of our segments called #twuJamz with Tiny. We share as much as we can on the internet, and provided a group from our page for underground promotions. As we are just ending our rookie year as a media source, I am proud on how far we’ve come. I will be bringing my #twuInterviewz back for the artists to chop it up with me and we will continue to reward listeners with our #twuGiveawayz. I started the show because I felt when I first started out, there really wasn’t outlets for artists to promote themselves, and I wanted to change the game up with a one stop shop for the underground to come to; as their is so much slept on talent. Before I became an artist, I was a fan. With the  availability of internet resources and technology advancement, I knew that it was possible and #TWU was born.

SO to bring you to date, 2018, I have the new album being worked on, Details to come soon, but what I can tell you is you’ll see a big change in my style. A lot more hype, still educational in the bars, so you may need your dictionary. (ha-ha, rappers humor ;)) But I’m looking forward to knocking out some visuals for a few of the hottest tracks and my goal is to be able to present the project as a whole by the end of the year. With all that being said, its really great to meet you all! And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you for reading, as I’m now noticing how lengthy this got.

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