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RoxxxTv is a conglomerate of small business and music partnerships that share an interest in providing exposure and helping grow a name for small businesses, local stores, artists, musicians, and entertainers. We help entrepreneurs of all types by providing a plethora of options that are more beneficial for those we support than ourselves. RoxxxTv started with a love for a niche music scene and a dream to provide more exposure and shed light on hard-working artists by providing them with free promotion through interviews and written articles on our RoxxxTv website. In a short time, we have expanded from a small niche platform to a regional success collaborating with many artists, promoters, venues and many growing businesses. RoxxxTv hosted two events over this summer with a huge turnout, a “smashing success” according to our sponsors and venue owner. Due to our growth in such a short period of time, we have decided to expand and further our reach while providing a platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow from. We are offering economical marketing and advertising options through social media growth consulting. If you’re interested in advertising with RoxxxTv, simply fill out the form below and someone will contact you with further information.


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