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Madd Maxxx The Painted Ronin Review

Madd Maxxx The Painted Ronin In Depth Review

Written By: Spooky

Madd Maxxx is considered a vet in the underground scene. He created his own sub genre blending horrorcore with hip hop he dubbs as Sick Hop. What separates this from the rest of multiple different sub genres in the horrorcore scene is he uses a lot of intellectual lyricism mixed with the shock value of horrorcore and hip hop. Madd Maxxx has been doing this style since 2006 and shows no sign of stopping. He’s a member of Mission Infect,Underground Prop Squad,Sewaside Squad,as well as blazing the underground with his own solo career. Madd Maxxx can flip between ultra violent horrorcore to story telling deep hip hop with ease.

1) The Painted Ronin

The underground assassin when it comes to fighting for what he stands for. The metaphors laced in this song is off the wall with this song. Maxxx just goes all out talking about those who sneak diss him and hide behind a computer. And how others are afraid to work with him for fear that he will kill them on their own track. Madd Maxxx uses this song as a way to get a lot of things off his chest and bring it to other artists and fans attention.

2) Escape ft J Reno & Donnie Menace

His combination of these three artist is just amazing. We have a beautiful song about how music allows each rapper to escape from real life through the music they create. Also, It’s a nice positive song talking about how using music to get away from everything life throws at you. But they also explain how, if you choose. And to go the route of a musician is, you better make sure to put in a lot of work, in order to achieve what you want. As an added bonus, this was originally a J Reno Track! The more you know.

3) Inglorious Bastard

Maxxx just does one verse for this track but dude goes off the deep end with it. Where most artist now a days like to flex about money, drugs, women and other things. Maxxx Arnold Schwarzenegger flexes on his ability to just rip apart one verse and still hold your attention with his ability to kill a beat. This is proving  that he doesn’t even need to make a full song. And it still will come out dope as hell either way.

4) What The Fuck Is Good?

for this song we get Maxxx flexing on his lyrical ability and showing off the fact there’s very few that can fuck with him. He let’s a bit of his ego out on this song and showboats everything he’s able to when it comes to making a song. This is a bit of something we don’t normally get from Maxxx as normally he is very humble. It’s great to hear Mad Maxxx tell and show artists and fans out there that he is one of the greatest. Especially, when it comes to having rap skills.

5) Sick Hop Lives!

Madd Maxxx gives a description of what Sick Hop is and goes after those who try to rip off the style he made and has been king of since ’06. He goes on to fire shots at the horrorcore scene as well shows off what real Sick Hop is suppose to sound like. You can’t really argue with the creator of the sub genre. You can’t really argue with the creator of the sub genre if he says you’re a malt-o-meal version of Sick Hop.

6) This That Shit

A nice laid back style track talking about how music can consume your life. He admits he is stone and just letting his mind go for this track. Madd Maxxx let’s you know that he isn’t going to quit doing this anytime soon and will keep dropping music. The realism of this song is amazing and is great to listen too.

7) Like This ft Grewsum & Dubbs

Originally,a Weekly Freebie from Grewsum. This song still goes hard. All three artist talk about how the music scene don’t make artist who put in time effort and dedication into mastering their craft. They all point out how each one of them put in the hard work to get their music to sound as amazing as it does. It’s a call out to those who try to take shortcuts when it comes to their music careers. This track is amazing, as we get to hear three generals of Mission: Infect link back up for another song.

8) Black

Madd Maxxx Devil’s Nite entry and this whole song is pure visceral mixed with some of the best lyrics strung together. Also, Madd Maxxx isn’t shy when it comes to putting out a horrorcore track and putting in some amazing punchlines, metaphors, and some dope multiple syllable rhymes laced all over the song. The combination of those makes his style of horrorcore different from others who do the same genre.

9) Hey!! (demo)

The first demo track on this ep and damn it makes me wish I could hear the final version someday and some how. Maxxx goes into pure beast more on this song as soon as the beat hit he just releases an onslaught of aggressiveness while keeping up with telling a story.

10) Try Harder (demo)

This song is a bit more chill compared to some of the others. Maxxx brings you the real life style hip hop. It has a nice story of his personal experience dealing with life and music. He hits us with how even though we makes mistakes in life like he has done we have to try harder in life like he always keeps trying to do.

11) Jason V (demo)

Maxxx brings to us a banger of a track and just unleashes everything on this track. He goes on and shows us how he can just murder any kind of beat handed to him. The skill level of Madd Maxxx is shown here as he just goes in on the song and flexes his rapping ability.


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