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Heavy Metal: 10 Greatest Songs Of All Time

Heavy Metal And The Ten Best Tracks Of All Time

Written By: Sid Jones

Heavy Metal continues to be one of the most celebrated genres of all time. For a lot of people, it’s their favorite genre. And today, we are going to take a brief look into some of the songs that makes Heavy Metal so awesome. With festival season right around the corner, we will see more music, and more live performances.

Why did I decide to make this list? Well, first off it’s been a long time since I’ve done a top ten. And two, I really like traveling, spending time with friends, and going to shows. However, I feel that I haven’t given enough praise to Heavy Metal bands and their music. So, what better time than now.

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With that out of the way, let’s get into the 10 best Heavy Metal tracks of all time!



Ramallah- Days Of Revenge

This band was brought to my attention, thanks to Sabaton Radio on Pandora. For starters, this underrated Australian Heavy Metal band deserves a lot of credit. Their lyrics and their sound is unique and powerful. And it was this song where I became a fan. Days of Revenge is powerful and refuses to hold back. But, the song doesn’t just talk about current events. Days of Revenge dives into everything chaotic, and corrupt. From Columbine, to the Palestine Conflicts. So, make sure you give this song a listen.



Rob Zombie- Feel So Numb

First question. Is Rob Zombie rock, or Heavy Metal? Second, can I write a top ten Heavy Metal list, without mentioning him? Well, it’s my list and we’re doing it my way. This song is in my top 20 heavily rotated playlist. If it comes on, I never hit the skip button. Feel So Numb has all the great elements of music. And for me, it’s Heavy Metal.

Now, I’m sure some of the readers disagree with this choice, you can call me out on Twitter. No really, I look forward to ignoring your angry tweets. While most of his music may or may not be Heavy Metal, this song is. And the way Feel So Numb starts? It’s pure magic.



Cradle of Filth- Mannequin

Now, I know this band may be considered overrated. But you cannot deny the power of the lyrics in Mannequin. Yes, this song has some of the best instrumentals and a music video to boot. However, it’s the message of the song I really liked. The tone changes from one verse to the next, almost growing darker as it progresses. Also, Mannequin was on the B Side of Headbangers Ball. And I have to say this one more time, because of how criminal this is. It was on the B Side! Whoever assembled the track-listing should be banned from the industry.

This band continues to be a staple in Heavy Metal. I mean, just look at them. Besides, this song has probably one of the greatest lines in the history of music. Flagrant in the past. Our names were deeply carved on the tree of life in long dead languages!

Damn, just damn.



Korpiklaani- Ievan Pollka

If you’ve ever been to a renaissance festival, this is the kind of music you’d probably here. Now, while I have no idea what the lyrics are saying in, Ievan Pollka I love the melody and instruments. It’s Heavy Metal Finnish Folk Music. The keywords are Heavy and Metal. The song could be saying, “If you listen to this and put it on a top ten, you’re an asshole behind a keyboard.” And I will still listen to it forever. Also, it’s another one in my top 20, not-to-be-skipped playlist.

Just give it a chance. It’s catchy, you can dance to it, bang your head to it, and share it with your friends. Along with this list!



Rammstein- Mein Herz Brennt

Okay, this one was extremely difficult. And I’m pretty sure you can understand that. Reise, Reise is an absolute classic, as is Feur Frei, and Amerika. But there’s one song that never gets enoug love. Neither does the album, Mein Herz Brennt is home to titled Made In Germany. But there’s just something to this Heavy Metal track. It’s like there’s an orchestra in the back.

Yes, it starts off slow, but it escalates and unleashes Hell. Then, we get the 45 seconds or so of just music. It rises, and comes crashing down. Mein Herz Brennt is a listening experience for the years. And you can’t not listen to it.



Nekrogoblikon- We Need A Gimmick

I was going to make this an honorable mention. Simply because, we have mentioned this song a lot. However, it stands to remain one of the greatest Heavy Metal songs of all time. Also, it’s message is great. We Need A Gimmick is a play on gimmicks in the music industry. Whatever genre you prefer, odds are it’s saturated in gimmicky performances and performers. In this case, Nekrogoblikon points the finger at themselves.

The idea of this is so clever, and anyone else who follows their lead? They’ll be guilty of biting off and lacking creativity. This band may or may not be the first to do it. But, they’re the best.



Iron Maiden- Number Of The Beast

Alright children. I’m going to introduce you to one of the greatest songs of all time. And for some, their first introduction to this song was on Guitar Hero 3. For most of us, we grew up listening to this song. Number of the Beast is historic and holds up to this day. Many have tried to reimagine the track, and create their own hit. However, most have failed.

Just listen to the intro. It’s captivating and there’s a story being told. I mean, here’s just part of the example: Just what I saw In my old dreams were they reflections of my warped mind staring back at me. Now, many can translate this differently. However, this is my list and it’s my translation that matters. It’s about selling your soul to the devil. I think there’s a reference to Bob Dylan. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just look up the Bob Dylan creepy interview.


Sabaton- Primo Victoria

I constantly talk about this song. It’s in my top 20 must listen to playlist and it’s perfect. If you’re interested in war, history, and damn good Heavy Metal. This band’s catalog is your dream come true. In the case of Primo Victoria, this is about D-Day. The storming of the beaches of Normandy. Now, I was going to choose Price of a Mile. But, there’s something about Primo Victoria that just grabs me every single time.

I encourage you to give it a chance. The instruments become gun fire, mortars and mines. And the lyrics unleash a fury that put Saving Private Ryan to shame. It was a brutal battle of World War 2, but this song really dives deep into the combat. Also, please check out Price of a Mile, even though it’s a lesser known battle that took place during World War 1.



Alestorm- Barrett’s Privateers

This was difficult. I could easily write a top ten Alestorm songs list. And who knows, maybe I will. However, this is a Heavy Metal list and my picks so here we go. Much like Sabaton, my original choice was going to be Captain Morgan’s Revenge. It’s a great album, an amazing song and the artwork is beautiful. So, why did I go with Barrett’s Privateers? Because it’s a bonus song on Back Through Time. And, it’s their version of a very historic song.

What started as a folk song, turned into a sea shanty. Now, Barrett’s Privateers is sea shanty/Heavy Metal/drinking song. All thanks to Alestorm. They took a classic and made it their own. Brilliant!



Powerwolf- Army of the Night

I never skip this song. Ever. Yes, it’s on my do not skip top 20, but for good reason. The song immediately grabs you. Instead of a slow intro, a story or a guitar solo. Powerwolf explodes with their lyrics and a combination of punches with their instruments. Army of the Night is a Heavy Metal must-listen-to. However, if you like music in general, you need to listen to it.

Powerwolf utilizes Latin. So, you may need to read the lyrics and pay attention to the capitalization as well. However, don’t let their references to the bible or use of Latin draw you away. In fact, it should be the exact opposite. Here’s the opening: Stand up all the Night and call the Fight. Let your Mind go wild before the Light. Here we come the Army of the Night. Mater Maria.


And those are the 10 greatest Heavy Metal songs of all time. Did I miss any? No, but if you would like to send me hate mail? Message me on IG and Facebook @therealsidjones or tweet me @mtswordfish.

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