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‘Never Ended Storyline’ New From JonPaul Wallace

‘Never Ended Storyline’ Is A Song With A Very Interesting Concept

Written By: Sid Jones

Never Ended Storyline reminds me of something I experienced. Now, I’m not going to share my entire life story, but I think this is important to mention. Perhaps maybe, you have had a similiar experience. So, now I have to ask, have you ever fallen in love with someone? But, for some reason you’re forced to move away? Maybe your parents moved out of the state, and you didn’t want to go?

Well, Never Ended Storyline drives this home. Which to me, makes this song timeless. Because, even if it’s been years, the memory still sticks with you. In fact, it’s part of who you’ve become. And I know, it’s certainly the case for me. Now, as much as I hate this word, beyond anything I can possibly describe. This song is relateable.

And with all that aside, let’s get into the heart of the song.


I Hope You’re Living Your Best Life

What some of you may not know, is my love for R&B. And to be completely honest, it was JonPaul Wallace that helped me discover this. This song has rhythm and yes, it’s a slower song. However, it fits the lyrics and the overall message. Which is, no closure in a relationship that never truly ended. And I think it’s safe to say, we’ve all be there too. In one aspect, or another.

Because that love is still there. The relationship didn’t truly end. And isn’t that the truth? Sometimes, we stop talking, lost touch, or distance gets in the way. And if you’ve forgotten about that person, perhaps maybe this song will remind you of them. So listen, at your own discretion. I know sometimes, we hate being caught up in our feelings. Never Ended Storyline truly stirs up memories, which brings me to the next point.

“And there’s nothing to replace the memories we made.” That part is sung by Hope Waidly. While this is my first time hearing her, I think she’s incredible. As we’ve talked about in previous articles, a female singer is a hot commodity in the music industry. Highly sought after and to be honest, there aren’t many. Hope truly shines in this song, Never Ended Storyline.

When I heard her sing this, I thought back to when I was in New Hampshire. Just a kid, living in a small town with friends in my small neighborhood. And there’s nothing that can replace those memories. Truth be told, when I moved back out there in 2009, it wasn’t what I had hoped. Even my friends I had in school, had moved, or moved on. But I didn’t. So her verse, had an impact on me.


Slowed Up By The Mountain Of Emotions, Hitting Me

Never Ended Storyline has two parallels. JonPaul Wallace offers a lot of medaphors. Hope on the other hand, provides us with a more direct message. However, both of these approaches tie in every aspect of Never Ended Storyline. For me, I like double meanings and references. But, I also appreciate bluntness. So, could this have been the song’s way of showing the differences in the couple? Their own personalities? My vote? Absolutely.

Now, I brought this up because you have to listen to this song a few times. Mainly, JonPaul Wallace’s verse. Not only does it tie in with Hope, it gives us an insight into him, as a person. “I’m killing time and it’s, killing me.” Now, that’s another part of the song that hit home. When I was in a different high school, I felt like I was just “killing time.” Until, I was able to make it back home. Again, I love this song, but it does stir a lot of emotions and memories. Sometimes, the memory of emotions I had long forgotten about.

Also, It sounds like maybe JonPaul had been making excuses, for himself? To help cope? Meanwhile, Hope has accepted reality. Could this be part of their duality?


The Beat Flows With The Song And Music Video

The man who made this beat? Tom Stewart of Stewart Entertainment. Also well know as, REDD’s manager. Now, for those of you who haven’t figured it out, I appreciate talent. And Tom Stewart is a jack of all trades. What I thought was brilliant and beautiful? The flow of the song and music video. Remember, there is elegance in simplicity. However, there is nothing simple about this project.

I’m sure you’ve heard of “easy listening” right? Well, Never Ended Storyline may not be as easy to process as you might think. There’s a lot to it and as we discussed, it blends two different worlds, And this is where the music video comes into play.

Notice, JonPaul is in the city. So, on the outside he looks fine. If he posted a picture in the city, someone might think college student. Or perhaps, they would think he’s a tourist, enjoying life. When in reality, it may not be the case. Hope on the other hand, is dwelling in and around a broken home. There’s shards of glass and rubble surrounding her. Also, take note of the clothing differences.

And her line “Spent too much time wondering if you think the same” shows that maybe, she’s over it. Much like my friends in New Hampshire.

Sometimes, the one who leaves is the one that hurts the most. And as I wrote this thought, I felt a punch in my chest.

With that said, here’s the music video for Never Ended Storyline.


Video directed and edited by Simon Vazquez
Song written and performed by JonPaul Wallace and Hope Waidley
Song produced by Tom Stewart
Song engineered by Paul Morris and Kaine Bradley


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