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Juggalo Weekend In Depth Review Part 2

Juggalo Weekend Official Day 1 Review

Written By: Sid Jones


Juggalo Weekend is the must attend event. Aside from the Gathering of the Juggalos, it’s the yearly family reunion. Having it in New Orleans is a great booking decision. Not just for the juggalos, but for the “normies.” In fact, I noticed a lot of normal people at the venue. But, before we get into that, I would like to share my unbias personal experiences.

Saturday morning, we all decided to take off early and see the city of New Orleans. After all, why not experience the culture? As it turns out, this was reciprocated. As I mentioned earlier, every day people took the time and spent the money to experience the Juggalo culture.


Bullard Seafood And Grill

After picking up some energy drinks and coffee, I joined Bob Roxxx and DJ Dankish for brunch. The place we ate was called Bullard Seafood and Grill. I will never forget what transpired next. As many of you are aware, RoxxxTV has been making an impact on the underground. As it turns out, we made an impact on one life of a New Orleans local.

I was talking to a guy at the register and he pulled me aside. He had asked me to listen to the woman that served me, sing. Now, I have to be honest, I cannot express how many times I have heard this from people. Every day, I am getting music sent to me and not all of it is good.

As I was holding my food and lemonade, Icy (the woman that served me) began to sing, Rolling In The Deep from Adele. Needless to say, Icy’s cover was better than the original. People were applauding her and I immediately handed her my card.

When I walked back to the table, DJ Dankish and Bob Roxxx were sitting down, enjoying their food. I made a comment about Icy Cold and Dankish replied, “I thought someone had turned on the radio or a television.” Right then and there, we collectively decided to get the microphone and gear up. We were going to introduce Icy Cold to you.


So, next time we go to New Orleans, this will be one of our first stops. We love you Bullard Seafood and Grill. Thank you for providing us with entertainment and great food.


Pre Gaming

After picking up Kasper and Tre Lbs, we continue to the New Orleans RoxxxTV Headquarters. All of us began discussing plans and before you know it, we’re heading back to the French Quarters. The half hour ride was filled with laughs, stories and ideas. However, it is made clear at this point that the majority of it is, “off the record.”

So, what do you do when you’re at a venue early? You come up with a game plan and make a b-line to Bourbon Street. Why? Because there’s a Juggalo march happening. But first, we stopped for some drinks and then went looking for the march. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in locating it. From what we saw from Will E Haze, it was huge. When I say we, I mean Tre Lbs, DJ Dankish and I. Kasper and Roxxx were unable to join us.


The Main Event

This is where the official kick off begins. Right here on the official day one of Juggalo Weekend. The Juggalos at this point, are taking over New Orleans. On the sidewalks, there are people drinking and partying. And some were playing songs from the brand new Fearless Fred Fury.

So, we asked the Juggalos what they thought about the new album. Some had already listened to it, while others hadn’t. For me, this is one of my greatest milestones. I get to be apart of history and the Juggalo family. Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Once the doors opened, the Juggalos piled in the House of Blues. For some, it was their first night there. For others, they attended the Mardi Raw Party. Either way, it was beautiful witnessing the interactions. And I have to add that it didn’t feel like the same event. Even the building had a different vibe. All love and positive, but the magic was it’s own.

Just some of the highlights of my night.


For me, this was truly remarkable. If you weren’t able to attend the sold out Juggalo Weekend, RoxxxTV was there to bring you the event to your electronic devices. From YouTube to Facebook, we covered the weekend. And that’s not all. We have more stills from the event.

Shaggy 2 Dope (above) closed the show on day 1.

Violent J (above) came out to an eruption of cheers!

Unfortunately, I was unable to use my flash for the majority of these photos.

When things get started at Juggalo Day Weekend, the party never ends. So, make sure you tune into Part 3 tomorrow. Share this with your friends and let them see what it was all about! Also, check out our RoxxxTV Facebook page for more coverage.

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