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Juggalo Day: Rude Boy Interview, Highlights And More

Juggalo Day Takes Over New Orleans Part 3

Written By: Sid Jones


Juggalo Day in New Orleans is an event for the books. So, consider this event historic. And again, if you couldn’t make it, RoxxxTV has your back! Because this is something everyone deserves to experience. Whether or not you’re  a Juggalo, it was fun for everyone. So much so, that there are people that weren’t a fan of the music. So, with that said ladies and gentleman, let’s really get into the heart and soul of the weekend.

The day is February 17th, 2019. And on this morning, I had no idea what I would be waking up to. DJ Dankish, Kasper, and Bob Roxxx are geared up and ready. By this point, I’m just getting up and fiending for an energy drink. But before we could leave, I needed a shower.

So, after I’m showered and getting dressed, I am informed that we will be interviewing Rude Boy. And of course, I was excited and honored. Although, there was one slight hiccup. My REDD hat was missing. Now, for those of you that haven’t caught on, I need my baseball cap. Especially, if I’m doing interviews.

Now, at this point, I’m panicking and clearly, I can’t do an interview without it. I can’t even attend Juggalo Day without my signature hat. So, the entire time DJ Dankish And Bob Roxxx discussed alternatives. And just as we parked, I found my baseball cap. And now I’m just being told, “Don’t screw this up.” No pressure, right?


Meeting Rude Boy

When we pulled into the undisclosed location I was reminded, “Sid, do NOT screw this up.” And we walked into the lobby and I saw a picture of Johnny Cash, with Elvis Presley. We got into the elevator and at this point, I realized this isn’t my first time talking with Rude Boy.

As our frequent readers know and fans of the Juggalo Show, Rude Boy and I have met. And that was at Big Ballas. This gave me comfort and kept me less stressed. Even though, I was catching heat from the guys.

So, we meet up with Rude Boy and he asks us to, “Keep it organic. You can’t always recreate magic.” And I took those words as a piece of advice. With all that, here is what RoxxxTV is brought together! The two part Rude Boy interview!

We talked about everything you could possibly imagine. From wrestling, to the law of attraction. And keep in mind, this interview is a total of 40 minutes long. So, there is a lot to go through. And we hope you enjoy it, like it, and share it. Happy Juggalo Day!


Juggalo Day Commences

Now, if you’re asking me, “What did you guys do after the interview?” Well, I have been told to keep everything, “Off the record.” And off the record, it shall remain. So, we’re gonna skip ahead to more footage and pictures. Along with, highlights from the show and my personal experiences with the Juggalos. Welcome to Juggalo Day.

As we return to the House Of Blues, we realized that Juggalo Day carried throughout the French Quarters. And all I could think about was the song, Walk Into The Light. Which, we listened to on the way to New Orleans. In fact, The Wraith: Shangri-La was one of the few albums we listened to, front to back.

Now, I’m thinking to myself, “What is going to happen inside that venue?” As people are coming out of the building, they told us the inside was completely tarped. And we all smiled with joy. Faygo Armageddon.

Before we walked in, we hung out with the Juggalos and Kasper took over RoxxxTV. But he wasn’t alone. We met “Vanilla Ice.” What transpired, ended in hilarity.


Welcome To The Show

So, we’re walking into the venue. The House of Blues is packed with Juggalos and there’s not much room to move. However, we walked in a little late, so that was to be expected. But we did not anticipate that at all. As I look back, I think to myself, “How was this possible? To have this many people in a place like that, and no fights to ring out?” I do remember when the place got rowdy when Big Hoodoo got on stage.


I feel the need to remind those at home, I was not allowed to use my flash. And after making attempts to move to the upstairs area, I gave up. There’s no chance of me getting through the crowd of people. However, when there was a break between sets, I made my way around the venue.

See, this wasn’t just a show. It’s a learning experience. So, I’m going to give my readers a bit of advice. A Sid Jones trick of the trade. If you want to change location in a crowded area, follow directly behind security. You’re welcome.

And that’s exactly what I did. At least, in the upstairs area. I didn’t want to get soaked in Faygo, and let me tell you there was a lot of it. Let me be clear, I’ve had my fair share of Faygo showers. In fact, I have walked in the cold after Hallowicked 2008. So, suffice to say I’m Faygo showered out.

With that said, I didn’t get to keep track of the setlist for the Insane Clown Posse. But what I can tell you is that, for the first time ever I heard 50 Bucks live. Yes, Sid Jones at this point is marking out with joy. And not just a little bit either.

I danced with these two members of the Monster Dolls to some of the songs. I know, I’m suppose to be a journalist. But there are times when you’re inner Juggalo gets excited. This is one of those shows where you just naturally get into the music.

My Personal Thoughts

As far as events go, this is one of the greatest ones. And I must say, the people made this special. Don’t get me wrong, hearing the Insane Clown Posse live is always a good time. Especially hearing, 50 Bucks and dancing with joy. But if it wasn’t for the people within the four walls, it wouldn’t have been the same.

This is my every day reminder. My life is dedicated to the music scene. But the music scene wouldn’t be what it is, without the fans. And I want to hear the story of their lives. If you listen to the Rude Boy interview, you’ll truly understand.

It’s about the family environment. Despite what you might think about the Juggalos, yeah they can get a little crazy. And yeah, they are different from other fans. I go to shows all the time, where the fans are anti-social or just go for the music. When it comes to the Juggalos, especially on days like Juggalo Day it’s pure magic.

Okay, they’re a little crazy, but they aren’t evil. In fact, when the Juggalos invaded New Orleans and the French Quarters, it wasn’t riddled with crime. Sure, things happen. However, it’s never anything outside of the ordinary in the grand scheme of things. Every concert gets chaotic, it’s not just Juggalo events.

Juggalo Day is something I can’t ever afford to miss again. And now, it’s time to gear up for the Gathering of the Juggalos. I’m looking forward to it and I hope to see you all there.
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