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Juggalo Weekend In Depth Review Part One

Juggalo Weekend Pre-Show And Everything That Came With It

Written By: Sid Jones

Juggalo Weekend is a must attend event. For those that aren’t familiar, it’s like a mini gathering. And this was my first one. As it turns out, 2019 is a year of firsts for me. Ever since the tail-end of 2018, my life has changed for the better. However, it didn’t come without sacrifice.

I must say, it’s been a long hard road. And it’s only February. The trip to New Orleans was pretty grueling. But, the company of DJ Dankish and Bob Roxxx made it all the while. Even though we slept in a van Thursday night, the discomfort would only be temporary. And well worth it.

For me, this was nothing short of an experience that I’ll never forget, and more importantly never regret.
Driving through the Midwest was pretty mundane. But once we hit Alabama, it was a first for all of us. Even though I’ve been all over this country, this was completely different.

As I write this, I can only imagine what other juggalos endured to make it to Juggalo Weekend. So, I decided to make that a huge part of this article. After all, this wouldn’t have been possible without them. RoxxxTV walked around and asked random juggalos a few questions. It’s the best way to report on the experience.

I’d like to thank all the juggalos for attending this and providing us with this story. It is my honor and priviledge to have been there with you. Witnessing this was nothing short of remarkable.

DAY 1- Pre Show

The pre-show exceeded any and all expectations. In fact, it is one of the greatest moments of my life. As far as hyped up crowds, this stole the show. And I believe a lot of juggalos feel the same way. For some, it was a reunion. But, for others it was a first. Including myself. This is my very first Juggalo Weekend, since it’s inception. The enviornment was explosive, radiating with raw energy from floor to ceiling.

Even the opening acts had active people on the floor. As you’ll see in the footage, the place ignited and failed to cease. As the night progessed, it got even more insane. Not to mention, everyone who purchased a ticket, received a free copy of Fearless Fred Fury. Again, watching the video below, you’ll see just how excited people were about the album.
The highlight of the night? The juggalos banding together for this historic moment. The fourth Jokers Card of the second deck is officially unleashed.

Not to mention, it equated to a mini gathering. And I can’t stress this enough, this was just the pre-show. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.
The Insane Clown Posse will be in the building. And as far as we can tell, this weekend is going to be unforgettable. New Orleans is in it for the long hall. And so are we, right here at RoxxxTV.

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