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Astronomicon Is The Convention You Can’t Miss

Astronomicon Proves To Be One Of The Biggest Conventions Of The Year

Written By: Sid Jones

Astronomicon is one of the major events that I look forward to. In fact, it’s the first ever Con I ever went to. And I should probably add that I am not a good source of information as far as pop culture goes. But that didn’t stop me from having fun. In fact, this just goes to show you how inclusive the event truly is.

Kane Hodder is notorious for stopping to take pictures with younger fans.

Now, it’s probably obvious that I don’t go to a lot of conventions, like this. Some might even say I am a little “out of place.” But I felt very much at home. I was at the first ever Astronomicon in 2018 and it didn’t feel like a “culture shock.” Yes, that pun was most certainly intended.

What made this year different than last, was the amount of characters and people dressing up that walked around. The first one felt a little different and I partially blame that on the weather. The people that put it together said that this is still in it’s early stages of perfection. However, I feel that this year certainly made an impact on the Con scene. Astronomicon is here to stay.


The Celebrities

I think one of the things that makes this event so special, is the interaction with the fans and their heroes. While I didn’t get my picture taken with many of the celebrities, I could tell they loved being there. If there was one person I had to meet, it was Sid Haig. Captain Spaulding is one of the greatest horror icons of all time. But as I told him, nothing could beat his performance in Bone Tomahawk. Which, should have won an Oscar by the way. And yes, I told Mr. Haig this.

The two Sids finally meet!

Even though I enjoyed shaking hands and meeting Jake the Snake Roberts, Bill Mosely (who remembered me from the previous year I’d like to add) and Edward Furlong. But there was so much more to the environment that is hard to put into words. So, I decided to take pictures instead.

This was just one of the wrestlers, Dustin Rhodes as Goldust.

The Boogeyman in character..or challenging me to a match

Moments of laughter throughout Astronomicon.

Amazing Costumes

I could go on about the celebrities and the fans. And you know what? I think I will a little later. But for now, I want to show you some of the hidden gems and out-of-this-world costumes. If you’re a collector, this is the section for you. And if you want walk-throughs, there is one on my Sid Jones YouTube Channel.


The young lady on the right is a return Cosplayer from last year. So, I went up and immediately took this picture. It’s always great seeing old friends and making new ones. For me, its more than a con. It’s home.

These two shocked me. Kalamity (on the right) has become a staple in Astronomicon. It wouldn’t be complete without her. Now, Carnage (on the left) is mind blowing. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I took this picture Sunday morning. As soon as the Con opened, I made sure I was there. I’m pretty sure that’s a Transformer on the right, and Metal Gear Solid on the left. I can’t be sure.

Star Wars arrives at Astronomicon and sets up in a packed lobby. Again, this was Sunday and even on the last day of the Con, no one was rushing to leave.

The League of Enchantment. Depicted here were taking donations for Make-A-Wish Foundation. Not only were they dressed up, they were in character. As you can see, that Ben Affleck look is killer.

And if you’re looking to dress up and you don’t have a costume? Swing by the Get Dead Crew and they’ll get you painted up with some amazing effects. I swear by them and as you can see, we take our jobs very seriously.

That’s not all. Wait till you see what’s hidden inside this event!


Hidden Gems And Collector Items

There are so many things you can find at Astronomicon. From artwork, to actions figures. Vinyl Records, to video games.

I took these pictures on the first day of the con. When I went back, a lot of these were sold. So, I’m really glad I went for all three days. Because there are people want to hurry and get masterpieces like this.

These are just some of the pictures I took. The masks you are looking at, are some of the best works and highest quality. If you’d like to see more, please check out the walk-through videos on the RoxxxTV Facebook Page and the Stewart Entertainment Page. You’ll be glad you did!


The Big Story

I walked around for three days. My best is guess is 2500 people. Ball park. Anyway, I went looking for the story of the event. I was asking questions, trying to get an official word. Nothing struck me with shock and awe. There wasn’t a story that blew my mind. Until…

I walked outside into the smoking section and I overheard a woman say, with excitement “I got my picture taken with those ICP guys!” First off, I knew who she was talking about. Second, I had a sudden thought come across my mind. While it’s public knowledge Twiztid and Majik Ninja Entertainment helped put the event together, the reasoning became clear.

The R.O.C hugging this guy says it all.

Astronomicon has nothing to do with Majik Ninja Entertainment. It’s about their love for the pop culture. As I walked by their signing table, I heard two guys saying that they didn’t belong at this event. My investigative mind was intrigued by their negative statement. Simply because, I knew they’d change their minds. So, I’m keeping an ear out for the things they are saying.

Edward Furlong, one of my favorite actors of all time.

The truth of it was, they had a good time. Regardless on their feelings about who helped put it together, it was mutually exclusive from the record label. Not to mention the fact, it gave everyone at the Con an opportunity to meet them. Which, seems to have been a great decision. MNE doesn’t charge for autographs or pictures. So, as I continued walking by the MNE booth, there were people waiting that had no idea who they were.

This interview with Blaze Ya Dead Homie and the R.O.C explains it all. Just because Juggalos wear face paint and the artists perform unorthodox music, doesn’t mean they aren’t people. They have a passion for all sorts of things, outside of the music scene. Pop culture happens to be one of them.


Astronomicon Is Pop Culture At It’s Finest

REDD surprises Astronomicon with an unexpected appearance

It’s not just about the Juggalos. This is Majik Ninja Entertainment putting on an event for everyone. G-Mo Skee hosting the Super Smash Bros. Tournament, the friendly and approachable staff are only part of what makes the event so special. Astronomicon is about everyone being included and the love for pop culture. In short, this convention is ground breaking simply because of the life it’s taken on. It wouldn’t be Astronomicon without the vendors, the celebrities, or the convention goers.

This guy loves wrestling and got his belt signed by Jake the Snake Roberts

You never know who you’re going to see at Astronomicon. Even with the panel line-ups and schedules, expect the unexpected. As you saw earlier, REDD surprised fans by simply being there. As did a last minute addition to the event. His name is King Gordy.

If you missed out on Astronomicon one and two don’t worry. Because, we’re coming back! RoxxxTV is already locked in for Astronomicon 3. February 7th-9th 2020!

So, make sure you’re there! I want to see the usual suspects, but what would mean more to me, is meeting YOU!

Make sure you share this article with your friends and bring them to Astronomicon 3! It’s fun for the whole family!


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