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Noopey Na’Mon The Renaissance Man of Hip Hop


Noopey Na’Mon brings versatility to the table

Noopey Na’Mon is no stranger to hip hop and he packs a punch. He can lyrically throw venom or he can suave his way into the souls of his listeners. Since his early years hes been using music to stay out of the the game that consumes most Muskegon youths. At 25 years old the young inspiring artist has opened for the likes of Krizz Kalico and Beanie Segal and many more. He Is also working with 2 groups and has quite a lot of solo content. Main stream hip hop may seem to be in death spiral to many but dont tell Noopey Na’Mon. He has his eyes on the prize stating that it presents nothing but opportunity to bring a rebirth to the genre. Learning to play piano from his brother inspired him to join band. This move was reaffirmed when he was confronted with the death of 2 his close friends.

“It really got me to focus on music. Like I always say when everyone else was out selling drugs and partying I was writing”

Music was the path out

“Mumble rappers beware any lil something can drop an 808 and spit a flow… for every Kendrik or Drake theres 20 of of these lil pumps or lil peeps RIP and Im going to bring something different to the table”

All the years of hard work began to pay off when Noopey Na’Mon found his way out to Colorado Springs. Having been out there myself the springs brings a freshness that Michigan lacks. He began making his music payoff by starting to do shows. Skeetown ways though came with him and the artist quickly found himself in trouble with the law which put a hold on his music ambitions. Moving back to Michigan was a quick stint as he got married and his then wife enlisted into the army and stationed at Fort Carson, Co. Noopey Na’Mon quickly got back on the horse and set out with his goals. His hard work started to pay off after a Beanie Segal concert  where he was introduced to LoUd Life Crew.

Living Out Ur Dreams

LoUd Life Crew was a big step in the right direction. Started by Swizzy B. in 2012 Noopey Na’mon was brought on board and during this period began writing, producing, and performing with the group. This is where the turning point began sort of like an explosion and the music began to flow. Going through their discography I love their sound and hype they bring to music and Noopey put it down like a boss. His lyrics bring silky smooth nerd flow that I haven’t heard since possibly Lupe Fiasco.

Even when Noopey Na’mons marriage struggled he still pushed on dropping Girl Tape 2 in the aftermath of the divorce. This album is a solid example of Noopey Na’Mons ability to flip the script. This time pushing a album for the ladies with an hip hop R&B feel. I love this album and my favorite song hands down is Wonderland.

Eventually he decided to move back to Michigan and is currently working on a new project called NBU standing for New Breeds Up. This group consists of Rocky Dinero and Mike Squally. Hes currently looking for venues to showcase the groups talents and I seriously suggest going to his shows while hes still in the area.

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