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DMX Top Ten Songs Celebrating His Release

DMX Has Been Released From Prison These Are His Top 10 Songs Ever

Written By: Sid Jones

DMX has been an inspiration to a lot of artists. He has a lot of memorable moments and songs to follow. For me, he will always be one of the greatest hip hop icons ever. Now that he’s been released from jail, we can speculate and celebrate his new album.

What better way to commemorate his illustrious career and future prospects? With a Sid Jones top ten list of course! These are my picks and if you don’t like them, feel free to write a list yourself. No really, RoxxxTV is opening up to the public for article submissions. Let’s see what you got!

With that out of the way, let’s really get deep into my preference of music and remind you why DMX is truly one of the greatest artists of all time.



Aint No Sunshine

This one reaches lower on the list because well, it’s not one of my absolute favorites. However, I did like the song when I heard on the film Exit Wounds. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. Steven Seagal use to be a great actor back in the day. As a matter of fact, I owned it on VHS. After the movie concluded, the music video could be shown. And to be honest, I really liked the video and the song sticks with me. So DMX, I appreciate you and I really think, Aint No Sunshine is the one song that truly showed your range.



Who We Be

The Great Depression is hands down one of my favorite albums. It’s definitely in my top 20 (maybe that’ll make a great article?) and for good reason. This song holds up to this day. Granted, that is the case with a lot of the music I grew up listening to. Remember kids, our music in the 90s was better than yours, fight me. DMX pulled out all the stops when it came to the corruption and the hard times of his community. His message in, Who We Be connects with a lot of people still to this day. I remember waking up every morning and hoping I’d get to see this music video on MTV.



Fuck You Bitch

I cannot express how much I love this song. This number eight spot is where this top ten got really difficult. From here on in, you need to know this wasn’t easy. Everything about this song is perfect. From the beat to the opening, “You are the sunshine of my life” faded in the background. If you don’t think the hook to Fuck You Bitch isn’t catchy, you need to move on and fuck your whole crew. This song is entertaining, and it goes hard. Matter of fact, I took a break to listen to this song on repeat. It’s pure magic.



We Right Here

I can’t remember when I first heard this song. All I have to say is, this one bumps and it’s one of the most memorable tracks. We Right Here is slower but its catchy and the music video is incredible. For me, this beat and hook are dope. DMX with his signature growl as he raps and then goes into a normal voice for the verses. It’s addicting and I can’t think of a single person with a brain that can argue with that. We Right Here was introduced to me as a song, before I had ever seen the music video. It certainly rides with that mix of east coast and west coast, which has always been a trademark of the man DMX.



One More Road To Cross

I cannot stress how crucial this song is to DMX’s career. The gunfire in this track is probably one of my favorite elements of the entire song. I know, I’m easily entertained, but the lyrics in this song are very crucial to DMX’s current situation. Now that he’s out of jail and getting ready to release a new album, I think this will be a great starting point. One More Road To Cross has a great message in the hook and every single verse. The beat is great too, pure west coast and as the song comes to a close, we instinctively nod our heads. A true classic.



Party Up

I know what you’re thinking. “This is one of the most popular songs in the history of music and it’s not even in the top three?!” First off, as you can see it’s in the five spot. For good reason, it’s a classic, I love it and I bump it. However, I think I’ve heard this song every time it’s come on and there’s songs that I like more than this one. Songs that I’ve never skipped that I prefer.

However, the meaning behind this song and the brilliance of the video is perfect. I’m not even sure we have to talk about it, but let’s do it for the younger boys and girls reading this top ten. Everyone played this song and everyone heard this song. We all knew the words, or pretended to know the words. This is truly DMX at his finest and most celebrated. For the general public. I feel like I have to remind you guys that this is MY top ten. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beat, the lyrics and the fact that it’s a sneak diss. It’s everything in hip hop culminated into one solid track.



Where Da Hood At

Admit it, you listen to it, your mom listens to it, even your grandmother. Everyone on this planet has heard this song. It has been featured in movies and probably even scripture somewhere. I put this one at number four because I listen to both the edited version and the explicit version. The intros are different and to this day, I haven’t decided which one I like more. Where Da Hood At also has slightly homophobic lyrics to it, and guess what? DMX get a pass! Why? Because the song is that damn good.

The beat, both intros to the song, the verses including the extended tribute verse in the official music video and so much more. As much as I love this song and it’s certainly one of my all time favorites, the number one spot will shock you, so keep reading on show love to DMX for this track alone!



Dogs Out

I cannot express how much I enjoy listening to this song. The beat would blow your speakers and my friends and I would do donuts, listening to this song. I grew up in the mountains of New Hampshire and this was one of our anthems that we’d constantly play. Dogs Out has so much to offer and the lyrics are prime. One of the best things about DMX is the way he starts off every single song. In this case, “This is dedicated to” just grabs your attention.

It is excellent and criminally underrated, in comparison to his other works. However, we got the top two songs coming up next!



Ruff Ryder’s Anthem

I hope this makes sense to everyone. I’m not sure I have to go into much explanation, but this is truly one of the most notable songs in the history of music. For me, it was an absolute necessary to put on this list. I feel like this song gave DMX the recognition he deserved and popped his career off. It doesn’t matter if its the remix or the original, I love it and I know everyone reading this can agree. If I have to explain it, you’re too young and not properly educated in music. No hate, just an observation.



Ima Bang

Remember when I said The Great Depression is one of my favorite albums of all time? Well this song, is the reason why I bought it. Sorry, had my mother buy it because you had to be 16 to buy explicit CDs back then. The intro is brilliant, the song has that signature growl and contains constant drops. The lyrics are phenomenal and I have to say that using it in the film, Half Past Dead was brilliant. That’s another Steven Seagal film only it features Ja Rule. Fun fact, it was the last Steven Seagal film to be shown in theaters everywhere.

If you haven’t heard this song, and you’re a DMX fan? You need to listen to it. I listen to this song a few times a day simply because it is that damn good. I have so many favorite lines, including the hook. This is hip hop at it’s finest and DMX truly shined in this track. This made me a DMX fan for life and had me listen to more of his music. If it wasn’t for this song, I wouldn’t know some of the songs listed. I use to bump Ima Bang going down the alpine slide up in the mountains of New Hampshire. This song was so ahead of it’s time, people think it’s on Grand Champ.

The first 90 seconds are absolutely brutal. I would be willing to put this song against a lot of old school and modern music. This is fight music, hardcore lyrics, brutal beat and punch hooks all in one. This is what I hope to hear more of off the upcoming album from DMX!


And that’s my list, don’t forget to click on the ads to support RoxxxTV! Also, tell us what songs we missed in the comment section below!


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