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Will Robinson Is The Role Model In Today’s Industry

Will Robinson Is The Artist The New Generation Needs To Get Behind

Written By: Sid Jones


Will Robinson is one of the most interesting music artists I have ever met. Not even just musically, but his thoughts and ideas are mind blowing. Now, I know I have a reputation for not liking the new generation. It’s no secret I have a personal vendetta against artists like Trippie Redd and Blue Face.

After meeting Will Robinson, I may have to take back a lot of what I said. While I still don’t care for modern hip hop, Will has given me new perspectives. A lot of us judge artists based on their music, and not them as people. Sometimes, we take their music and accuse them of being ignorant.

It brings me comfort that we have someone like Will Robinson in the industry. His style and methods aren’t just groundbreaking, they are crucial and effective. He has found ways to connect with fans and people that aren’t familiar with his music. To me, that speaks volume.


First Impression

I didn’t know what to think of Will when I first met him. He was quiet and constantly thinking. I was sitting next to him at lunch with Bob Roxxx. Across from me sat, King Gordy, Jimmy Donn and Kali Breeze. It’s no secret that I consider them family, and I wanted to get to know the gentleman, sitting next to me. Will Robinson.

I asked him how the trip was and he replied with, “It was good.” And that opened the floodgate to an incredible conversation that everyone joined in on. I also got to learn a little bit about his personal life, as much as I did his music. This meant I had to tell the world about one of the most brilliant minds of our generation.


FBT Studios

After lunch, we all met up at FBT Studios for a recording session and a music video shoot. I was taking mental note of Will’s thought process and pre-recording rituals. I’m not an artist by any means, but it’s interesting to observe these kinds of things. Will listened to music on his headphones and was very calm. He wasn’t talking with anyone, he was in his zone. When it was his turn to get in the booth, he sat and was in almost a meditating state. It’s not often I meet artists that do this.

Suddenly, the beat starts up and after just a few takes, Will Robinson blew everyone’s mind. I can’t say what song it was. But I know I’m looking forward to reading the comments and the reviews of it. See, when I think about the younger generation, I often think they cut corners and are just lazy. Will is 24 years old and has stood on the outside, looking in. Not just at his music, but the music scene as a whole.


His Music

After a long day at being at the studio, I went home to listen to some of his music. The first song I came across was, Trip God. As you will hear in the upcoming How To Gag A Maggot Interview, he referred to himself as the Trip God. We have the music video for you to check out here:

I can honestly say, Will Robinson has a way with words and utilizing his image. Without over saturating it or making it too obvious. If XXXTENTACION was the modern day 2Pac, Will is the modern day Jimi Hendrix. While this might be difficult for people to process, pay attention to his words and his sound.

I think it’s safe to say that this man has a bright future ahead of him. After working with an OG like King Gordy and the mastermind Jimmy Donn, he’s bridging the gap and the feud. The split between the new generation and the old school generation. One thing King Gordy said that will stick with me the rest of my life was this, “People like controversy, people like conflict. They don’t want people to get along. They flourish in confrontation.”

Perhaps maybe, Will is the voice we need right now. Just through his words, but his actions. Expect to see him live with Jimmy Donn and King Gordy at the 4/20 Pregame show in Pontiac, MI.


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