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Jamie Triller Mom’s Song Brings Depth To Hip Hop

Jamie Triller Releases A Brand New Song That Delivers Deep Lyricism

Written By: Sid Jones


Jamie Triller took me by surprise. After listening to his song, Heat Treatment I was curious to hear more music. That’s when Mom’s Song was brought to my attention. I have no regrets in giving this artist a chance. So, what does this mean for Jamie Triller and the future?

In order to evaluate this question, we have to go back to the beginning. For me, Heat Treatment is the soundtrack to the summer season. This proved to be a standout song and a slept on track from August of 2018. However, we have the track here for you to listen to.

People really need to give this song a listen, so make sure you share it with your friends. But if this isn’t your style, then maybe you should check out his newest track. Mom’s Song is something completely different. Even though Heat Treatment, is one of my preferred song due to the Strange Music Vibe, his newest song truly proved his range.

Both music videos are filmed differently, but the quality is still there. But there’s something more than just the video. It’s the lyrics. Just pay attention and listen closely. It took me a few listens to truly get the message. Jamie Triller even breaks away from his previously mentioned song Heat Treatment.

This song talks about the pain of being a son, watching his mom suffer. But it’s not from the lack of money, it’s the hardships of watching her sons suffer. For me, that really hit home on a deep and personal level. Perhaps, that’s why I didn’t like this song as much. It touched too close to home.

Overall Analysis

I truly see something special in this artist. I’ve become an instant fan. The production is crisp. the videos are high quality and his lyrics are diverse. To be able to go from rapping about the good times in the summer, to the tragedies of watching a mom suffer, is truly a leap.

I have to give his music a 4.5/5 and that’s just these two songs. If he releases an album in 2019, I will definitely be purchasing it.

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