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Violent J Explains Why E and J Tour Was Cancelled

Violent J Discusses The Cancellation Of The E and J Tour

Written By: Sid Jones


Violent J took to Psychopathic Radio to discuss something that has weighed heavy on his mind. With Jumpsteady at his side, he began to tell us why his solo tour with Esham was cancelled. The reason may shock you. For those that want to hear it from Violent J yourself, we have the video right here.

Whether you agree or disagree, the decision clearly has been made. Therefore, there really isn’t any sense in opening it up for speculation on our end. We will leave that up to our readers. What I will say is, I don’t think there is any malicious intent and that the man was being honest. There’s nothing to suggest otherwise, nor does he has a reason to make this up.

We do know one thing. Fearless Fred Fury will be released as scheduled.


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