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LARS ‘American Rockstar’ Music Video

LARS Releases Brand New Music Video ‘American Rockstar’

Written By: Sid Jones


LARS has been the underdog duo for the past two years. Ever since their debut in 2017, people have either ignored their music, or didn’t know what to think of it. However, they have shocked many of the juggalos who have decided to give them a chance.

Between the Rufus mixtape and the Anakin album, LARS has stayed quite busy. Both are focused on their solo projects, leaving fans wondering what will become of the Last American Rock Stars?

Well, here’s a few things I noticed, not just in the video, but in the information I received. I truly think that this will answer a lot of questions people have.

Aside from the music video itself, it appears that this next album might be released on something called LARS Records.


The Details

American Rock Star was a salute to the Foul World mixtape that released October 30th, 2017. The Savage Life music video was shot very similar to this new release. Also on that mixtape was their self titled song, Last American Rock Stars.

This song, I noticed had a classic rock melody blended into an east coast hip hop beat. Bizarre even took it to a whole new level with the punches and went harder than usual. King Gordy added in a lot of the LARS content we’re all familiar with as well. Even referencing, California in the hook.

I could be speculating a bit, but we never heard LARS perform, California live. There’s no music video, no press and It turned out to be one of the most praised songs on their self titled album.


Overall Rating

I shouldn’t even do this part, but with every review I do. Yes, I’m giving this song and music video a five star rating. No, I’m not being bias and I’ll explain that right here.

I liked this song more than I liked, Suicide and Fuck Yo Baby Daddy (the plug) and that says something. I loved the song suicide but I liked American Rock Star even more. So yes, it gets five stars. I really think hip hop fans can truly get behind this track and music video. Even for a laugh, because Bizarre is hilarious.

Both King Gordy and Bizarre have amazing chemistry. I’ve even heard people say they prefer their live sets above all else. If you brush off LARS in 2019, you’re missing out. This music video is proof.


Tune in at 1:00 PM EST to catch the premier of this video. If you loved, Life After ShadySavage Life, Lit, and California, you’re gonna love this one. I promise you. If you haven’t given these legends a chance, this your chance to do so! Don’t miss this!


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