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New Era Of Hip Hop Is The Decline Of Civilization

New Era Of Hip Hop Artists Are The Worst Thing To Happen In The History Of Music

Written By: Sid Jones


New school goes head to head with the old school. It doesn’t matter what genre, this is an ongoing battle that has had many generations argue. Remember when our parents thought Slipknot and Marilyn Manson were evil? Or how about when some of us were told we couldn’t listen to 2Pac or Biggie Smalls?

Fast forward to today, and now the ones that raised my generation cannot stand the music today. Not in any genre, especially in hip hop. The new wave of artists have desecrated the art and cut corners. With that said, that’s not how they’re getting attention. Instead, they’re taking jabs at us. And it all started with one boy: Lil Xan.

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Get Off My Lawn

I remember when this was a reference us punk rockers used all the time. We used this term to define the people we hated growing up. Yet, our creed was always, “I’ll never be that person. I will not allow myself to be that old guy yelling, get off my lawn.”

Well, this new generation may have us thinking a little differently. Perhaps maybe, we are slowly turning into that person. Even in our 30s. I never thought I’d be that guy, but I know I’m slowly starting to turn into the 29 year old version of Walt Kowalski.

I don’t feel bad either. Not because this new generation of artists and their fans are ignorant. Trust me, they truly are. There’s more to it than that. Instead of having talent, they just refer to our generation as boring or “old.”

Kid, stay off my lawn. That means you Blue Face. If you thought the Gillette Commercial was offensive, watch this cringe video.


Fans Celebrate The Ignorance

I really hate beating this dead horse. But when I hear someone say, “MGK schooled Eminem” I want to remind them of how stupid they sound. The main point, “that was three albums ago” is enough to tear someone apart. Oh, but the MGK fans, “He destroyed Eminem.” One of three things children, you are either bias, you didn’t listen to Killshot, or you couldn’t keep up. Please note the word ignorance above this paragraph.

This new generation celebrates failure and wrong information. For the MGK fans out there that I have argued with, I’m talking to you directly. You still claimed MGK was better and offered me nothing, and I mean nothing. These fans stated, and I quote. “He’s hot.”

So ladies, when you say the guys are dumb and are willing to settle. I hope you’ll take the time to note this portion of the article. Pretty please, and tell your friends.


Final Thoughts

The old school generation needs to be accountable for the dystopian landscape we’re in. Because we let some child get us worked up by calling Tupac Shakur boring, we’ve opened the flood gates. The new generation got a win on us. We cannot let that happen again.

To the new generation, I really think you could do better. However, my hopes aren’t that high. You’d trade talent for tattoos and a t-shirt. Your fans would trade knowledge for a poster of you on their wall. And I’ve earned the right to say this to you. Not with who I am today, but by being a music fan for so long.

You are the worst generation we’ve ever had. You’ve made excuses. you’ve applauded no talent, and worst of all. You have referred to these artists as “fire” lyricists. The podcasters that mention them at all, are giving them press. They are adding garbage to the landscape.

So, to the new generation, you’re a disappointment. You’re an embarrassment and now we have to protect the next generation that follows.



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