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Uprising: The Music Revolution Against The Election

Uprising: Raging Against The Election

Written By: Sid Jones

There has been a long history of protest songs. From punk rock to hip hop and everything in between. In 2020, we need an uprising. Not with a fist, a gun, or Molotov cocktails. But with a microphone and a guitar.

It’s no secret that pop culture has become a huge factor in elections. The republicans have Kanye West and Ted Nugent. The left have Sheryl Crow and Elton John. Who do the people have?

As we’ve learned throughout history, the people have never been a priority to the government. This is true for the United States, as well as other countries.

So today, we will be looking into the future. What we can expect and what the people need for this uprising. Make sure you leave your opinions in the comments below to be apart of the conversation.

Your voice matters.


The Obvious Candidates

When I talk about politics in music, your favorite singer may come to mind. Perhaps, an image of your favorite band performing at the steps of the Capital Building in D.C comes to mind.

In order for this uprising to truly work, we need a wide range of performers. Again, please feel free to list yours. My choices would be Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, Vinnie Paz, Young Jeezy, and Body Count. The lineup for this uprising show would be glorious to see the least.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “Why these people?” Well, for those that aren’t familiar, I’ll give you a brief explanation. Henry and Jello are punk rock gods. Punk has always occupied the frontlines of the political battlefield. Whoever wins we lose mentality.

Vinnie Paz has a an entire group dedicated to the protest soundtrack. Jedi Mind Tricks, Army of the Pharaohs and his solo music. One of the most well known songs, True Lies/End of Days is a prime example.


Positioned Perfectly For A Successful Uprising

As far as I can tell, the future is bleak. So each individual would play a critical roll. Henry Rollins performs spoken words. The voice of a generation and words of wisdom. Jello Biafra, lead singer of the Dead Kennedys also has his own channel dedicated to his political rants.

Young Jeezy did a song a while back called, My President and it was a huge hit. Could you imagine a remix titled, My President is Whack? I think it would chart in the top 5.

Each individual has their own fanbase and their own following. Everyone gathered in the streets of D.C, standing side by side would be absolutely enormous. A true uprising for the generation.

Let the left and the right convince the small minds of who to vote for. The people will be represented by the artists that have spoke up on behalf of each and every one of us.


We Have To Get Political (Briefly)

The left surrendered their winning candidate in 2016 to a person they didn’t want. What’s even scarier? That was the year non voters technically won the popular vote. That is a statement Fox News, CNN and MSNBC don’t want you to know.

The machine is working, regardless of the corruption. This doesn’t have to repeat in 2020. We need representation and something to truly hope for. The uprising in 2020 wouldn’t eradicate the history of mind control. However, it would be a promise, “We will not let this continue.”

This isn’t a battle cry, its a revolution. It’s an uprising and more importantly, we the people are finally represented.


Final Words

Modern day pop culture has poisoned the minds of our youth. The condescending and patronizing advertisements and the media machine are not in our favor. Listening to Ted Nugent rant and ramble about killing animals hurts my head.

It’s never been about the people, but who these celebrities vote for. These individuals preach to the choir and make zero change. These people chosen by the left and right don’t care about the undecided voter. This is an atrocity and a disgrace. To be completely honest, it’s an embarrassment.

In 2020, if we are sitting in silence, we will be run down with crippling consequences. There is always a third option that we need to consider, but the powers that be will never show us that door.

I think Body Count said it best in their song, No Lives Matter.



Who would you want to see perform for an Uprising 2020 Show? Let us know in the comments below!

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