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Ouija Macc Galoshes and Killahoe Tribe Review


Warloxide Reviews Galoshes and Killahoe Tribe Anthem


Written By: Warloxide


This may come as surprise if you read the last Ouija Macc Review I did on the song Urinal, but Galoshes is actually a track i can get down with. The video adds to the freshness of the song for sure. In the past most would say that I am anti- Ouija Macc but in reality I have an open mind and like music when its good.






Ouija came into the scene swinging with a fresh sixteen on the Juggalo Love Psypher. Then once he started more of the trap/mumble style I quickly lost interest. As I browsed the Gutterwater album I stumbled upon a few songs that caught my attention. Galoshes was one of them that had lyrics I could get down with. The hook is one that will keep you nodding your head and singing along. This is definately a song that the Juggalos can be proud to bump.


The beat is on point and the lyrics are mind blowing. I know the guy has mad talent and needs more songs with this structure to really allow his talent to truly shine. The mixture of trap and the wicked shit is exactly what the underground has been needing to keep up with the game. Love him or hate him Ouija is the future of the wicked shit.




I look forward to future releases from Ouija, I just hope that he keeps the bars coming like this.


Killahoe Tribe Anthem




Another sick ass track that recently had a video drop is Killahoe Tribe. The first time I had heard this song it brought memories of some old school wicked shit. The lyrics to this song captures the sounds from trap,mumble, and chopper style music. Ouija never disappoints, he always has beautiful women in his videos to capture viewers attention and it works. Yet again Ouija has dropped fire with this one. This is by far my favorite track from the Water Damage Mix Tape. This is the type of shit the underground needs, five stars for this song. I believe Ouja killed it in 2018 and is showing mad promise for 2019. Lets just hope to see more projects with Lyte. Whoop Whoop



So in conclusion, just because i dislike some of Ouijas music doesn’t mean i dislike him. I mean there are plenty of songs by ICP that made me skip tracks but i got mad love for them. Lets keep the wicked shit pouring in fresher than ever. I cant lie when i first heard the Urinal track i was disappointed because the song did not fit the character that Ouija portrayed. When I think of Ouija boards I think of evil spirits and demons, not pissing in girls mouths. But we all gotta have that one WTF song. Keep killing it Ouija Macc you’re doing big things.





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