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Tommie Lee Indicted Faces 54 Year Sentence

Tommie Lee, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Star Faces 54 Years For Child Abuse Charges

Written By: Sid Jones

Tommie Lee was indicted on several child abuse charges this past week. According to “Tommie is facing 3 felony charges and 4 other misdemeanor charges for the incident.” Apparently, she has a history of abuse.

As far as music news goes, this isn’t my ideal story. As a matter of fact, I didn’t want to. However, I feel as though it is my job to share stories with you like this for one reason. So that way, I can share my opinion on the matter.

I don’t care what gender or what status you are, abusing a child is wrong. This may be news to some of the people out there.


My Personal Opinion

Tommie Lee is not someone I am familiar with. I’m not even familiar with the show she was on. Does this mean I’m out of the loop? No, it simply means I don’t care of celebrities like this. Cardi B and all these other artists are the downfall to a once shining genre.

Now, it’s in the hands of a generation that lacks substance. So the celebrities today have become their inspiration and it’s fitting. Do I think Tommie Lee is guilty? She was caught abusing her child in the hallways of a school. This happened back in October of 2018.

We’ve seen Tekashi go to jail, Lil Xan go to rehab and now another current pop icon is headed to jail. We can only hope that this trend is recognized and the scene can eventually die out.


Final Statement

The world has changed and I’ve lost track of who’s who. Is Tommie Lee the modern generation’s Real World actress? Or a Kardashian knock off? To be honest, it doesn’t matter. The fact that this even ended up on my desk is shocking.

I’ve learned what the good old days are and I’m starting to understand our parents a little better. As I look around the internet and research people like Tommie Lee, I get it.

At least our generation had talent. To the artists that are still here with us. Xzibit, B-Real, and so on. We need you and this is the year to put this modern era to bed.

If you want to read about Tommie Lee’s response to the press, check it out here.


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