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Sinizter Diatribe Surprises Even Loyal Friends

Sinizter- Diatribe Mixtape Review

Written By: by Spooky



Scott Gonzales, better known to some as ‘Sinizter’, was born in Antioch, California. He was raised around heavy metal culture which he incorporates very much into his aggressive style. Sinizter currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where he released his first EP T.He.M. He followed up with his debut album Malice: Part 1. Which, featured a multitude of major artists. Since the release, he has been shaking up the underground with his unique style of alternative hip hop. His lyrical topics often stem from his personal life. War, horror, misanthropy, narcissism, and personal philosophy.


This mixtape has some of the most gritty bass heavy hitting instrumentals. This whole project can get you amped up and wanna mosh. The lyrics are on point and Sinizter vocals are up in your face. With pure aggression. He brings a unique twist to the sub genre called Trap Metal.

The dark subject matter and the abrasive songs, just get you hyped the fuck up. I highly enjoyed this project even though is not something I normally get into. I’ve listened to Sinizter for quite some time and highly enjoyed his evolution. From his singles to his mini EPs and now this vicious mixtape. The production on this project is top notch work. The audio engineer has a very professional sound.

The Tracks

Now, don’t think just cause these songs are hype as hell, that it’s lacking bars. Or the lyrical content cause that would be a huge misconception. Personally, I think this mixtape is non stop banger after banger. With zero filler tracks. You can tell that Sinizter has put his all into every song.

This mixtape has been in heavy rotation lately and that’s saying a lot. Because, my main musical choice is the horrorcore genre. Now, here are the several stand out tracks. Which, In my opinion is hard cause all the songs are amazing. Unleashed, Vengeance, Black Waters, Diatribe, and the stand out song ,The Apex Predator. If you are interested in getting this project or streaming it, the links are below:

Youtube (full mixtape stream):
Bandcamp (digital copy):


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