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Eminem Top Ten Greatest Moments Ever

Eminem And His Ten Greatest Moments Of All Time

Written By: Sid Jones

Eminem has a resume that belongs in a museum. From a monumental career, to controversial moments. Today, he is the most searched person on Google and continues to grab the attention of everyone. Whether they like his music, or not.

If Eminem were to sneeze down wind, people would report on it. If he dropped a fifteen second track, it would most likely end up in your top five. Everything he touches turns platinum and sparkles like diamonds. How he manages to make this happen after all these years, remains a mystery.

Here at RoxxxTV, we have assembled yet another, Sid Jones top ten. This time, it’s going to be focused around the Rap God, the G.O.A.T, Slim Shady. So, crack your fingers and get ready to slam on that keyboard in the comment sections. This is going to be biblical.




I should have made something clear. This list isn’t ranked in the typical order. This ten spot is based on predictability. You knew it would make the list, I knew it would make the list. However, this reflects how great Eminem truly is. When The Greatest of All Time dropped a surprise album in the middle of the night, the internet exploded. The album contained a full blown attack on a lot of artists. One in particular, needed the clout more than the rest.

When MGK responded with a subpar diss, everyone waited for Shady to respond. Speculations and bloggers went rampant. Fake responses were put out, fake articles tainted your social media feed and we were all convinced the GOAT wouldn’t respond.

I remember the day well. I had put out a top ten albums in the summer of 2018 article. Not even a half hour later, Killshot released out of nowhere. The internet exploded and once again, the hip hop community backed one of two people. MGK and his diss that held a lot of inaccurate information. Or they backed Eminem and his layered diss track that was a true hip hop head’s wet dream.

MGK stars in Birdbox on Netflix, so be sure to check that out as well. Nothing like being the butt end of the joke twice in less than a year’s time.



Eminem Bombs Donald Trump

With Kanye West wearing the hat of a white racist, Eminem armed himself in a freestyle. Not only did he stand up against Trump, he stood against the voters that put him in office. Now for those that aren’t aware, Eminem has always been big on accountability. This isn’t anything new, thinking back to the Eminem Show and a song called, Bully off of Straight to the Lab.

The best part is no one fired back, not even Kanye West. Trump whined on Twitter and got blasted. The most hated president of all time was once again at the receiving end of Shady’s wrath. American shook, once again just like they did in 2002.

That’s why the nation embraces him.



That Was A Fist That Hit You

Why no one talks about this is beyond me. For me, it’s one of the greatest moments in hip hop history. It’s not just because I knew who Guerrera was when, I listened to, Sing For The Moment the first time. But because of all the famous clips of Eminem walking in and out of court.

The entire verse lead up to that famous punchline that brought it right back to the false claim that Eminem pistol whipped Guerrera for kissing Kim. Because the world was against him, he settled out of court. Marshall knew that no one would believe that it wasn’t a pistol whip, but a fist.

It just goes to show you, Eminem holds a grudge, which brings us to..



We Made You

This is one of the greatest moments in the history of any genre of music. We all know what I’m talking about. The old school fans, anyway. For the younger kids, let me tell you a story. A woman once ran for president. Her name was Sarah Pailin. Well, a man you may know named Bill O’reilly went after Eminem on his show. For a little line that went like this.

“Then I’ll invite Sarah Pailin out to dinner then nail her! Baby say hi to my little friend.”

So imagine the uproar from the Republicans. Well, it got them hot and bothered to say the least. Eminem, once again leapt into the political arena to throw in some jabs. An incredible Eminem moment we will never forget.


Eminem Features His Daughter On A Track

My Dad’s Gone Crazy wasn’t even on the edited version of the CD. Why? Because parents would have pitched a fit over Eminem featuring his young daughter on that particular song. Can you think of a better way to irritate your ex wife and make her take you court for the thousandth time? Me either. It’s classic, it’s pure gold even to this day.

Maybe when Hailey releases an album, she can sample this track. The only thing that could have made this an even greater moment? An official music video.


Starring In 8 Mile

It broke records, won an Academy Award, and gave hip hop fans a glimpse into Detroit. This film turned venues into Landmarks. It wasn’t just a financial success, and it was one of the many routes Eminem took to reach the top. The soundtrack was incredible and it even gave Scary Movie 3 something to parody. This movie did something even greater though. It gave Eminem the opportunity to put on the artists and people he grew up with.

8 Mile opened at No. 1 with $51,240,555 in its opening weekend, the then second highest opening for an R-rated movie in the U.S.

The film would go on to gross $116,750,901 domestically, and $126,124,177 overseas for a total of $242,875,078 worldwide.

The 8 Mile DVD, which was released on March 18, 2003, generated $75 million in sales and rentals in its first week, making it the biggest DVD debut ever for an R-rated movie and putting it in the all-time Top 10 for first week home video sales for a movie.

The budget for the film was $41 million. Now that’s a good pay day for everyone.


Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up

One of the most iconic songs in the history of music. It has been referenced in pop culture for over two decades and the love for the song hasn’t changed. In fact, it was referenced in the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight film. Think about it like this, the pop culture references don’t hold up. Tom Green, Britney Spears, TRL, Carson Daily, Christina Aguilera, and so on.

The controversy, the music video and the content drove the album sales. The Real Slim Shady might even be considered a guilty pleasure to some. However, it has withstood the test of time and launched his career. The memories I have listening to this song, watching it on MTV and singing it with friends. It was iconic then and for us it’s nostalgia. So thanks Eminem for this one. It truly is one of the greatest moments.


Stephen Colbert Interviews Eminem

If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. Quite possibly one of the most shocking interviews in Eminem’s career. Stephen Colbert took over a show called, Only in Monroe. For lack of better words, it’s pure gold.

Imagine you’re Eminem and someone has no idea who you are. People would give anything to sit next to the rap god and ask questions. Stephen Colbert reminded this artist that, “Selling albums doesn’t pay the rent.”

It all starts at the 20 minute mark. No laugh track, no live audience. I give you the greatest interview in the history of Colbert’s history.

The look on Eminem’s face is priceless. Is it staged? Or was this an authentic interview? Let us know in the comments below!



Eminem Accuses P Diddy Of Killing Tupac

I don’t think I have to explain this, but just in case. In 1997, Tupac Shakur was gunned down and was beefing with Biggie Smalls whom was managed by Puff Daddy. After Biggie Smalls was killed, Puff Daddy switched to P Diddy.

Well, P Diddy was hit with one of the greatest disses in the history of rap. “But Kells, the day you put out a hit’s the day Diddy admits that he put the hit out that got Pac killed.”

Imagine for a moment, you’re the CEO of a record label and you’ve been to court, dealt with public accusations of murder. One of your artists dissed Eminem. Then, one day Eminem says you’re guilty of  killing a legend in hip hop. I would pay any amount of money to have been there to see his reaction.

Google Eminem P Diddy and you will see just how insane everything got in a matter of minutes.



Establishing D12

Say what you want, but this is the moment that’s the most important. If not to the world, to me. This is why it’s first and maybe you knew D12 would be mentioned. That’s a compliment, because that means you truly understand. This group has been the establishment of so much more than Eminem even realizes.

I loved Devil’s Night, it was my favorite album growing up. I looked up to these guys, not just Eminem but each member. Revelations was my favorite song, it’s what helped me get through middle school and man up through the bullying. If it wasn’t for this crucial moment, I don’t think I would be where I’m at.

For me, D12 is more than just a group. It’s a critical moment in Hip Hop history. For me, especially. I think that’s the power of Shady’s touch. That’s what makes him so captivating. Look at the lives he’s impacted.

Let That Show You They Don’t Feel Forgotten

Yeah, I heard Stepping Stone. I listened to it as I wrote this. “The moment Proof died, so did the group.” My personal favorite was, “Which reminded me Biz, Rockstar was the shit.” My inbox exploded with people asking me if Eminem was shouting out the Last American Rock Stars.

I’m not sure there would be L.A.R.S without D12. So yeah, in Stepping Stone Eminem apologized for a lot. However, he made a lot of careers. I know for a fact King Gordy and Bizarre are grateful for everything he did. Gordy being dubbed the unofficial 13th member of D12 and putting him in the movie 8 mile. Bizarre has singles with an illustrious career, the lives he touched and working with Gordy.

Gordy and Bizarre introduced me to new friends, gave me opportunity and honestly, they paid it forward. They did for me what Shady did for them.

So yeah, thank you Shady for Bizarre and Gordy. Thank you for D12 and thank you for these moments. We appreciate you. All of us.


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