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Twiztid Holiday Hangover Review

Reviewing Twiztid Holiday Hangover


Written By: Warloxide




So now that the holidays have come to an end, Twiztid just ain’t done parting yet. I had the chance to make it to the party right here in my hometown Flint MI. It was a hell of a show an probably the cleanest venue I’ve ever seen. Couldn’t have asked for a better venue.


Buick City Event Center



As we approached the entrance we were greeted by security and a metal detector. When we cleared security there were a few, very old vehicles one of witch was a Ford model T and some other great classics. As we made our way to the concert lounge we stopped at the bar located in the main hall. WE then proceeded to the concert lounge and was amazed by the size of the venue and the cleanliness. There was a massive bar located at the rear of the lounge and LED televisions all over the places showing the stage.



The V.I.P was located to the right side of the stage and looked like something strait out of a night club. The staff was friendly as well as the armed security that was dressed to look like police. The armed security was a comforting touch as the venue is located near some of the worst parts of Flint.



We walked in and grabbed a table and some drinks and watched the openers perform. I have got to say this venue has one hell of a sound system. So good that even the openers beats were pounding thru my chest. This a state of the art sound system design. Here are the sounds specs to give you a better idea of how the sound is.Sound-Specs-1







After we got thru the opening acts it was time for the headliners to take to the stage. The show started out strong as Redd blew the roof off the house with his hella performance. Just as he always does he had my attention the entire set. Redd is definately slept on.


Alla Xul Ellu {A.X.E}





A.X.E took to the stage and brought so much energy with them. At this time the crowd was starting to fill in and get LIVE. I mean, literally the crowd was jumping and chanting F-A-M-I-L-Y! This is the Juggalos way of showing acceptance. A.X.E is definately welcome and accepted. They definitely show promise for the future of the wicked shit.







When Prozak took to the stage the crowd went nuts. I have not watched Prozak live since the days of Bedlam, but now I remember why Strange Music was so fast to pick him up. He put on one hell of a show and left the crowd wanting more. Again another act accepted with the chants, F-A-M-I-L-Y. Mad props go out to Prozak on that set.





Finally Twiztid came out and it was all over. The crowd squeezed in and the mosh pit tripled in size. They performed tracks from throughout their career such as Old Skool Pervert and Die Motha Fucka Die. This is the first time I’ve seen them live with their drummer Drayven and I have to admit, he adds to the freshness. The bass hits so much harder with him on the drums. Twiztid killed it as always and Jamie Madrox did little freestyle saying that he is a Juggalo, then went on to say there some shit ya’ll dont know about and I can’t tell ya’ll. Having the crowd repeat after him he said “Fuck 2018! 2019 is the year of the FAMILY. More F-A-M-I-L-Y chants erupted.



So in conclusion, this is the second Twiztid event I’ve been in seven years and I have yet to be disappointed. Regardless of all the negativity you hear online Majik Ninja is definately doing their thing and filling venues. Mad props to Majik Ninja Entertainment on this dope ass show and we hope to see more appearances in Flint.

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