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Tre Flowz Releases A Five Star Mixtape

Tre Flowz Has A New Mixtape That Every Hip Hop Fan Can Enjoy

Written By: Sid Jones


Tre Flowz certainly has a reputation in the hip hop scene. An affiliate of Spanish Side and very active in the underground. In 2018, there was word getting around that he would be releasing a new project. Well, that project is here. Fuck Love Mixtape is an interesting work of art.

When someone titles something a mixtape, it’s the first thing I critique. Is it truly a mixtape? Does it have variety? Are there features that truly stand out? Does the tone suddenly change? Fuck Love without a doubt fits the criteria of a mixtape.

Now don’t get me wrong. When we hear, “I just dropped a mixtape” memes come to mind. More often than not, we think the worst of the worst. I cannot tell you how many times people asked me to review their projects and I hesitate before I press play.

In this case, I was more than impressed. I listened to it a few times and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What were the best parts of the mixtape? Why did I like it so much?


20 Solid Tracks

In this day in age, 20 songs is a lot. Fuck Love contains various genres of hip hop and it feels like a Pandora station. I found myself forgetting I was listening to a project. Not only is this almost unheard of, it’s enjoyable. The replay factor alone is a 5/5.

I would have to think about which songs I liked most. While I listened to it the first time I caught myself saying, “Oh this one hands down the best.” A track or two later. “No wait, this one is insanely good.”

The variety in sound, lyricism, and beats doesn’t make it easy to choose. How often do we hear that in the underground?

Tre Flowz took me by surprise. I had no expectations and even if I did, this wouldn’t have been what I imagined. So with that, I chose my top six songs that I thoroughly enjoyed. I wanted to pick five, but I kept fighting over the fifth choice.

This One Time

It’s a 1999 throwback. The nostalgia level is cranked up to 9,000 and it has substance. It’s deep and it’s thought provoking.

We Know Ft Princo

This track is really hard to describe. While it’s new, it has familiar elements I couldn’t quite put my finger on. This added to the replay factor but made it that much more enjoyable. Princo added something special to this and it’s made me take a look into his music.

AHWUE Entertainment Cypher

I love AOTP and Jedi Mind Tricks. This track reminds me of that style of music. It’s that old school, East Coast hip hop that I can’t get enough of.

Welcome To My Hood

All of AWHU ENT. brought that Death Row/Ruff Ryders with coast to coast delivery. If you put a gun to my head and made me choose a favorite song, it would be this one. Put me in a time machine and I would burn this song onto a CD with DMX, Eminem, Fat Joe anyways, you get the point. It’s that kind of song.

Pun Intended

Tre Flowz proves to be a valid contender in hip hop. Not even just in the underground, but in hip hop in general. The music scene has splintered off into old school and mumble rap. It’s draft season and this song made me choose Tre for the Sid Jones team.

Down For Whatever

I like Bukshot’s solo music. This beat was the perfect choice for him. Demi Demaree blew my mind with the hook and then THAT verse. Tre Flowz delivered a chopper out of nowhere and suddenly, ceased fire and back with that catchy hook. Not only did I get to hear the Bukshot from Helter Skelter, I heard Tre spit fire and Demi with a solid hook.


The Verdict

How often do we hear albums front to back? Well, with this album you can easily just pick a song and listen to it. I promise you there is a song for you on this Fuck Love mixtape. This is a unicorn in hip hop. You will not find a 20 track album that you can play front to back like that.

That’s why I am giving my first ever 5 star rating of 2019. I’d have to go back and look, but I think this is my first 5 star rating I’ve ever given. Truly amazing work and the production was well crafted. After I listened to the album the first time, I started playing random songs off of Fuck Love. Never once skipped ahead.

5/5 Stars

Those that know me, know that I’m picky when it comes to music. So this says a lot. Check out the Fuck Love mixtape and tell your friends Sid Jones bumps it.

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