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PRIMObeats Sets The Streets on Fire With “Dante’s Inferno”

PRIMObeats Sets The Streets on Fire With “Dante’s Inferno”PRIMObeats Dante's Inferno



One of the hottest producers in the local Michigan scene today Dante Primo better know as PRIMObeats is set to drop his first beat tape entitled “Dante’s Inferno” sure to set the streets and speakers everywhere on blaze . I was able to take time in between his sessions with the B Team at Suite 328 and speak with Primo about the new project and chop it up about his music in general . All i can say is y’all better better be ready for this heat the 25 track tape will take you thru all 9 circles and give you a true instrumental visual you can vibe with day and night , stress or fun . This is a true work of art and new mile stone in the local Michigan music scene , Dante as Primo Beats is the only producer other than the late great J Dilla to drop a full length beat tape at this age . PRIMObeats may make history with this beat tape but he will not be soon forgot this man has a hustle like no other and motivation for days making him a true asset to the music community and the artists around him while also being a dangerous reminder to lazy beat makers , engineers and producers that hes hungry and ready to take top spot.


PRIMObeats is Flexin on um ….PRIMObeats

Well we are here to focus on this new beat tape “Dante’s Inferno” dropping today so lets dive into it , during my talk with Primo today he kept it short and honest with me i was direct he was direct but you could tell their was no front this was all honesty . The first of few things i got to ask today was “Why ?” why did you decide to drop a beat tape in an age where they are virtually extinct and left for the older hip hop heads . A simple reply followed later by more of an explanation later on “I did it just to flex on um “ . Satisfied with that answer we continued talking until i had to ask again just to be 100% sure his reply was the same but with greater details to clarify for me why he was flexing. Primo begins telling that unlike traditional beat tapes he just reviewed his large catalog he built up in December and picked his top 25 tracks out “It only took me about 10 minutes to select songs and put it all together “. Although you may think what else could this album bring well listen to this little exclusive the entire tape has no samples all original melodies put together by Dante in a way only he can deliver.


The Future of The Inferno….PRIMObeats B Team

In todays day and age of the music industry most are out for themselves but with Primo he isnt afrid to show love besides being a engineer as a producer he helps develop , mold and progress all the artists he works with into something they may have not seen in themselves . When asked about influences he used that as time to set the example and tell me “Its not about latching on to the mainstream like some guys out there instead its about pushing his guys into the main stream and giving them a platform to achieve national success”. Only two weeks ago on December 25th 2018 one of his collaborators Riverside Sherwood dropped his new full length album “Secure The Bag ” with all production done by PRIMObeats and the mix n master put on by the other members of B Team its crazy to think he is dropping “Dante’s Inferno” not even a half month later . Not detoured or fatigued by either release Primo let us in on he and his teams future plans which include releasing 4 albums in February of this year and “applying pressure all 2k19 ”  . The future for PRIMObeats and the B Team at Suite 328 can be summed up in to one quote from today that im sure we can all use too ” I dont watch my competitors or competition I just move “.


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