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Esham Announces E And J Tour Cancelled Is January Cursed?

Esham and Violent J Cancel Their Long Awaited Tour

Written By: Sid Jones

Esham and Violent J have cancelled their tour, to the shock of many juggalos and hip hop fans. However, this hasn’t been the first terrible thing to happen in the new year. We are five days into 2019 and we’ve already witnessed a lot.

I’m in by no means comparing a cancelled tour to the death of Mean Gene. What I’m simply saying is that it seems that the beginning of the new year, there’s always something and it doesn’t always define a year.

I was looking forward to the Esham and Violent J tour. I couldn’t wait to see the two come out and do their songs together and separate into two solo sets. For me, that would have been the best way to kick off 2019. Now, with that said, I’ve never known Violent J or Esham to give up.

As you’ll notice below, Esham is keeping his promise to the fans and the juggalos, alike.

Predictions For 2019

So here, in this article I’d like to make a few predictions. I’m dead certain that this year will hold so many surprises, it’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

DMX will release a new album by the end of the year and Violent J will be on tour again. Esham and Violent J, whether it’s together or separate, they will be on the road this year.

The 20th Gathering of the Juggalos will be the greatest spectacle of the year. Mark my words on that. We will see unexpected surprises and incredible performances.

Big Hoodoo’s album will chart on the billboards and we will be seeing him at the 420 show with Anybody Killa!


For more predictions, follow me on IG @therealsidjones and on twitter @mtswordfish! It’s gonna be a good year!



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