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LiViD Rhymer Brings Acid Rap To Life

The Church Of LiViD Is An Album That Contains Dark Content And Testaments

Written By: Sid Jones


LiViD Rhymer Has been working on his debut album for over a decade. I wasn’t there in the beginning, but I was there before any track list was finalized. The Church of LiViD and it’s contents may surprise you. From features to subliminal messages, it truly has variety.

I thought I had an idea of what to expect. Maybe a couple of songs from the past that I was around for. That wasn’t the case. What I am telling you is this, it’s indescribable.


LiViD Reimagines Acid Rap

I wasn’t a fan of Esham or acid rap until I had met LiViD. I wanted to learn more about making music and he gave me that opportunity. Needless to say, I learned a lot from him. This album for me, is the end result of everything he has done.

The songs, I Am and Slender Man brought me back to the older music. I’m listening to the Church of LiViD as I write this, for the third time. Slender Man features King Gordy and when you listen to it, you’ll hear that old school acid rap. That still blows my mind that LiViD brought back a genre with beats, skits, and legends.

As much as this an original and unique take on the genre, it was done right. Slender Man was the best choice for Gordy. The horror elements of the legend brought to the ears of fans and it’s brilliant.


The Blessings From The Gods

LiViD created an intro with rap artist Cage, that set the tone for the album. One of the great imaginings was the passing of the torch. Cage gives warning to the listeners, not to listen to the album. I can attest that the evil is real.

There is more than the metaphysical to the album. The Cult intro truly brings the evil of reality and supernatural to the brain. Believe me when I say, this album isn’t a horrorcore album. There is something sinister in all the aspects of Church of LiViD.

What is the belief in the church? Well, Quick Sand featuring Tom Mcdonald and Kali Fox kind of explains it. When you play the album front to back, you’ll understand the moral of the story.

It took me a few listens to get the message. I question whether or not if I’m right. I think that might be another essential element to the album.


Overall Rating:

I have to say, I really enjoyed this album. The story telling and the stepping back from the grim or the gimmick horrorcore was refreshing. A re-telling and revitalizing of a genre I thought, didn’t exist.

4/5 stars.

The album drops January 1st, 2019. I hope you guys grab your copies and show this man some love!

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