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New Komatose Album Boom Bap Blood Splat

The Boom Bap Blood Splat Horrorcore Back Pack

Review By: Spooky

Let’s begin with a little bit of an introduction to the artist known as Komatose. Komatose has been in the horrorcore scene for many years. He his also one half of the group Kryptik with the other artist being Rukus. Komatose has been tearing up the horrorcore scene with multiple classic albums from his solo projects and his group projects. He is a veteran in this genre and has been called a legend by his fans.When it comes to his sound and style he keeps it old school with hard hitting boom bap instrumentals. He has a very distinct voice where it remains calm sounding but manages to not be monotone sounding. Well now that I gave you a bit of backround information on Komatose let’s get down to the nitty gritty and review this album that is sure to become an instant classic in due time.

1) The Relic

The intro track which sets the mood perfectly for this album. It’s has a very original sound to and it helps you get into the mindframe of what to expect for this album. It has a nice creepy overtone through out the whole story being told. There’s not instrumental for this track to really talk about.

2) What’s Next?

The first song to kick off the album and what a song. Komatose delivers with his style that he has perfected with a boom bap instrumental. The lyrics and flow are so smooth with the beat he selected for this track.

3)Bad Bad Man

The song begins with a nice little intro which helps sets the tone for the actual song. The instrumental for this song is smooth sounding and the lyrics go so well as Komatose tears through lame gimmicks and wanna be wicked artist. He goes on to boost and give the backing through his lyrics of how he is a Bad, Bad Man.

4) Deadboyz ft Raven Hunter

This song kicks off with a different vibe than the two before it with a nice old school funky style to it. It’s one track that will have you nodding your head even though the lyrical content is drenched in violence and gore with one hell of a catchy chorus. Next with have another horrorcore/underground veteran lacing a sweet verse than matches up with Komatose’s verse and the instrumental. Raven Hunter goes through his verse with ease and keeps up with the dark and funky old school sound the song gives off.

5) The Strangers III ft Mike Fantastik,Big Dawh,Joe Dubb & Prophacy

Hitting the third chapter of the song The Strangers and it is an epic version. I haven’t heard a lot of the other artist on the song but they hold their own with Komatose and each have a solid sound and they all manage to keep the creepy story going without taking away from the topic and making the song seem draw out. They all kept their verses fresh and entertaining.

6) Murder Hill Gang

Komatose picking out a Sugar Hill Gang sample was an amazing job as it makes for a unique selection for a horrorcore song. It keeps up with the funky vibe from Deadboyz. His chorus is one you can easily being singing along with simplely after hear it once. The originality of this song’s sound is really something not to be mess with for sure and was one hundred percent a track you would not expect on a horrorcore album.

7) Back In My Cell ft Rukus

Komatose brings the tone of the song down to a nice slow paced instrumental which features his rap partner from the group Kryptik. It’s for sure always amazing to have the both of these guys link up for another song. The slow pace of the song helps to change up the sound from the last track having a more funky vibe. Komatose and Rukus deliver the classic vibe of Kryptik for this one.

8) Graco

Keeping up with the dark slow eerie vibe from the previous track.Graco gives you a nice story telling base song. The haunting instrumental matches perfectly with the deranged story being rapped over it.

9) In A Suitcase ft Insane Poetry

The instrumental for this track keeps up with the darker and grittier sound as the last two song before it. The massively violent lyrics and story being weaved by both Komatose & Insane Poetry is done beautifully. Insane Poetry verse blends so well with Komatose verse. This collab has been long overdue and something that came out so perfectly as both artist feed off each other to deliver a bone chilling song.

10) Need

Komatose brings us another creative sampled beat that you wouldn’t be expecting to be used for a horrorcore song. The story for this song keeps a dark theme even though the instrumental gives a flawless juxtaposition when you compare it to the lyrics.

11) Redail ft Mike Fantastik

This songs instrumental has a unique sound to it. The lyrics touch on the realness of suicide. It brings attention to the fact of how many are more likely to commit suicide. Komatose and Mike go into depth while staying spot on with the subject matter at hand.

12) Cutthroat Things – The Upside Down

We start with a vocal sample at the start of the song. The beat has a unique sound that I wasn’t truly expecting from Komatose but he seems to keep up with the theme of surprising me with creative instrumentals. Once again Komatose delievers a sold horrorcore song while having it not sounding the same as every other song on this album.
13) Trips ft Cage – This is a stand out track a collab song that I wouldn’t have ever expected. The beat is aggressive and it a strange but trippy sound to it. Komatose speeds up his verse for this song then Cage comes in with a unique flow both artist did an amazing job on this song.

14)Midian ft Menacide,Freddy Grimes,Icepick Willie,Majik Duce, & The J Hexx Project

This song is an absolute monstrous song with an onslaught of horrorcore heavyweights ripping the dark and unique instrumental that bangs hard as hell in your headphones or speakers. Each artist brough their a game for this one. The isn’t one second where the song doesn’t have you on the end of your seat as each artist unloads and unleashes some of their most brutal verses to this date. I will say J Hexx managed to steal this song with the way he flows at a rapid pace (which isn’t done often). It was always amazing to hear Menacide and Icepick Wille returning to the horrorcore scene. Majik Duce brings an amazing verse to the table as well. I haven’t heard much of Freddy Grimes work but his verse makes me want to go find his music and give it a listen.

15) Profile

When this song begins it starts with a little bit of an intro and soon after Komatose voice comes into play when he begins his story of horror over a haunting instrumental. This song goes into detail on Komatose using the power of the internet to stalk and murder his victims.

16) Mask Of A Killer ft L.B. Rayne

This song has an amazing House of Krazees sample and L.B. Rayne parts adds an extra layer of creepy and unsettling vocals to a synth driven instrumental. Komatose version of House Of Krazees song The Mask is unique and works perfectly as he pay tribute to older horrorcore artist but still provides enough freshness to this version has it’s style.

17) K.O.T.S.

Komatose brings a beautifully grotesque song with this track. The beat produced by Badmind and the vocals and storytelling is like a match made in hell. The song has a now bouncy feel to it while still remaining to be dark enough to compliment Komatose flow and lyrics.

18) 365 Days

This track brings the album to a close and is just a short outro.

In conclusion I highly recommend this album if you are a fan of horrorcore or someone who is just checking out the horrorcore scene. This album shows you as the listener what horrorcore sounds like when an artist(s) have mastered the art and craft of this certain genre.

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