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Psychopathic Records Year End Review


Psychopathic Records 2018 Review


Written By: Warloxide


We have all heard of the label that runs beneath the streets, Psychopathic Records. Come with me as I explore their 2018 year end review. I have been a Juggalo since the age 10, I am now 34 and still a die- hard Juggalo. With ICP being the most hated band in the world I catch a lot of hate from people because of my choice of music. Well today should paint a bigger picture as to why I have grown to look up to the Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records so much. Not only do they make their songs into some visualization masterpiece, but they also give so much back to the Juggalos with some major events. These events are low in cost and packed full of entertainment.


Juggalo Day Weekend




To kick off 2018 Psychopathic Records held the 2nd annual Juggalo Day Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event was a big deal as Juggalos and artist from various genres came to enjoy the weekend in Sin City. This event was a 2- day event with performances from Insane Clown Posse both nights. We all know that when ICP steps on stage its gonna be one of the best shows you’ve ever witnessed . The event was themed Heckles and Macabre representing good and evil.




The first night (Heckles) ICP took to the stage and performed positive tracks. These songs were uplifting, a perfect fit for the Heckles Show. With performances by Lyte and DJ Clay this made for a helluva night. The second night (Macabre) they performed songs from the wickedest albums released which made for the perfect Macabre show. Also performing was Big Hoodoo and Ouija, another dope ass show.





The next event was DCG Con in Denver Colorado. This is an event that the whole family can enjoy where Juggalos take over holding gaming events and bringing the extra scoop of freshness to the sub-culture. Showing nothing but love for the families that show up to enjoy the Con. To close the show each day the crowd was entertained with shows from different artist from the underground music scene. Artist such as Lyte, Ouija, Sewerside and of course performances by none other than the Insane Clown Posse.


The event was suddenly shut down due to former Juggalos trying to gain some sort of clout by attacking people that were caught outside the venue alone. These former Juggalos made several attacks on the event in hopes to shut it down thinking that would score them points with Psychopathic Record’s recent rival Majik Ninja Entertainment. This turned out to be an epic fail for the group of rejects as Twiztid reached out to the Juggalos and sent their regards. These effective-less attacks shut the official event down but with the Juggalos THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Showing the power of unity Juggalos came together to hold their own Con in the lobby of the venue. You can’t stop our shine!




Denver westword


The concerts may not have happened if Scum of LSP wouldn’t have opened up his venue The Roxy to the Juggalos. This show ended up going off without a hitch. Not many ICP shows are Faygo-less but when they are they still kill it. Mad Props go out to Scum for stepping up and taking the show under his wing.






The next event was the 19th Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos  themed WhoopStock. Themed after the legendary Woodstock, WhoopStock was a time for Juggalos to come together. With the peace and the love in the air this was a good time to forget the beef. Although there were a few minor fights, the show was a success with two performances by ICP on two different nights. This was the first time they had performed Hell’s Pit in its entirety. This event featured a ton of well known artist such as Tech N9ne, Hopsin and RA The Rugged Man.  Another huge event for the books in 2018. People from around the globe came to witness the magic and left satisfied.


25th Annual Hallowicked




This year marked the 25th anniversary of The Hallowicked Clown Show. Every year for the past 25 years the Juggalos have came together on Halloween to let lose and party down wicked clown style. The clowns never cease to amaze me with this show. Every year proves to be as good or better than the last. The 25th Hallowicked was held at Russel Industrial Center for a second consecutive year and it seems to be the perfect venue. Returning to the venue was questionable due to some issues the owner had last year. Thankfully that was squashed and we were invited to return.  The 25th was definately one of the dopest shows to date.


Big Ballas Christmas Party




As the year ends Psychopathic Records opened their doors to the Juggalos for their annual Big Ballas Christmas Party. This is the first time they have ever done this, their way of giving back to the Juggalos. The Juggalos that bit the $150 ticket price got to get an inside peak at the whole place without being restricted to certain areas. Juggalos were lucky enough be part of the Juggalo Show and to hear some untold stories from ICP themselves. They ended the night with a completely acoustic set to boot. We were lucky enough to have our very own Sid Jones in attendance to capture the magic. That’s exactly what he did with his trusty notebook and pen as he took reporting back to the old school tradition. Check out that phenomenal article he dropped right here.





I can honestly say that the year 2018 and every other year for the past 30 years, Psychopathic Records has came correct. Love them or hate them, the hustle that ICP puts in is the reason they’re on top of the underground.  The clowns know how to put on a show and for that they forever have my respect. It all started from a message that they had no ideal would be heard by as many Juggalos as it was.


I for one believe that the Insane Clown Posse should go down in history as one of the greatest bands to ever exist. They didn’t make it 30 years because of greed, they made it because they remain true to their supporters. I challenge each of you, if you dont like ICP‘s music go to a show and watch their performance. I guarantee you will leave amazed and with a different view on ICP.


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