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The Nightmare Children are out to play

Written by Elicia Joyce
Twiztid has announced their new upcoming album Generation Nightmare. It’s the first full length album of 2019 from the demented duo. As 2018 has shown us, this will truly be a landmark for the upcoming year.

As the single has demonstrated, Generation Nightmare will be a Flash back to their older albums. Fans have been demanding old school Twiztid and they’re going to feed the demand. We first get a little taste of what’s in store with the single Sick Mind from Generation Nightmare

With the album hitting us in 2019

We can’t wait for this

My thoughts: On Sick Mind

Jamie and Monoxide just absolutely killed it lyrically showing us that wickedness of Twiztid & what they are all about so many reasons why I respect these guys and they just keep amazing us

And everything that’s been coming out of Majik Ninja Entertainment is fire one track and artist after the next this is what a music label should be

MNE Takeover

Looking forward to what’s what’s in store for the underground and MNE for 2019

Check out the 31 second sneek peek from Official Twiztid YouTube Channel below



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