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Who Killed Jam Master Jay Movie Review

Who Killed Jam Master Jay Is A Remastered Documentary On Netflix

Written By: Sid Jones

Who Killed Jam Master Jay is truly an emotional roller coaster. He was one of the most iconic staples in hip hop history. RUN DMC, collectively remain to hold that name.

This documentary shows the history of DMC and the legacy Jam Master Jay left behind. It’s truly remarkable and eye opening. Who killed Jam Master Jay is heart-wrenching. This is the RoxxxTV review of the film.


This Film Doesn’t Hold Back

This remastered Netflix Original holds no punches. Immediately, it punches you in the stomach. Who Killed Jam Master J directs your attention to the main problem. The police.

There’s a long history of the police putting little to no effort in solving murders of the urban community. Mainly, the African American community. The film references Tupac and Biggie Smalls. Their murders also went, unsolved.

Cops have a long history of being corrupt and inattentive. They have earned their reputation and refuse to be accountable. This has not changed in modern times, nor will it ever.


The Testimony

Throughout the film, you’ll hear from friends and family. Who Killed Jam Master Jay is a collection of historic clips and people close to him sharing their stories.

Along with these stories, there’s theories that are shared on who killed Jam Master Jay and why. One of the most popular theories is the link between 50 Cent’s shooting. Was Jay the casualty of a beef?

A theory is also brought to light and quickly rejected by those that new Jam Master Jay. He was involved in a drug deal gone wrong. This wasn’t the case. He had a family and a reputation.

Curtis Scoon had the finger pointed at him by one of the top suspects, Randy Allen. Here’s a quote from Curtis:

“The last time I had contact with Jay was four, maybe as much as six years prior to his death. Randy says I did it, his sister told him I did it, but she hasn’t said that to the police.”

This immediately raised questions and suspicions. Why would Randy point the finger so quickly at Curtis and what were his motives?

Randy Allen was also in the studio the night Jam Master Jay was shot


Another Suspect

A man that goes by the name Ronald Tinard was also at the top of the suspect list. The police had failed to charge him and let him walk. Tinard is mentioned towards the tail end of the film and it will poise you with anger.

The night Jay was killed, Tinard was supposedly given 200 dollars to buy bullets. The money was given to him by Jay. But did he? Or was this an excuse for him to be in the studio that night?

“Street justice had taken a light of it’s own in the urban community.” Tinard was reportedly shot at and attempted to flee. He was eventually arrested on other charges and the prosecution wrote a letter to the judge in attempt to, “Beef up the charges.” In the docket, there was a mention of the murder of Jam Master Jay.

The judge ignored it yet, still sentenced Tinard to 17 years in prison.



My Thoughts

Who Killed Jam Master Jay is one of the most thought provoking films I have seen. It carries a lot of merit and really made me look at the industry today.

We’re seeing artists going to jail and getting caught up in some unfortunate circumstances. There has been a lot of debate over the years and a lot of people asking, “Why are people getting killed in hip hop?”

As I look back at the Tupac and Biggie Smalls slayings, it changes my perspective on a lot of things. Both were involved in a beef that was driven by two record labels.

Jam Master Jay was a completely different rapper with a polar opposite personality. I stand by the artists and those that say the police didn’t do enough. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Th film is only an hour long and I assure you, it’s worth your time.


The Greatest Takeaway From The Film

DJ Scratch said something powerful in this film. It will probably stick with me the rest of my life and it only feeds my distrust for cops.

“Careless has a song called If You Wanna Get Away With Murder, Kill a Rapper. The killing of somebody else might be solved real quick.”

I have to agree with that statement. For me, this sums up everything. Whoever killed Jam Master Jay, they got away with it. That’s at the fault of the NYPD. It’s not the first time, and won’t be the last where cops look the other way or half-ass an investigation. It’s unfortunate, but there’s gonna be consequences for it.

Spoiler Alert

The NYPD declined the requests to participate in the documentary. Due to the fact that it’s still an open case. Even though the case is classified as “cold.”


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