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Adam22 Sexual Assault Allegations Are False

Adam22 Is Under Fire From Media Outlets Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Written By: Sid Jones

Adam22 has been suffering from false accusations over sexual assault. How do I know these allegations are fake? I know what false accusations look like. This Daily Beast article is just that.

Being a journalist since 2012, it’s easy to tell fact from fiction. Especially in this case where the victim is a one armed woman. My first question was, “Who sexually assaults a one armed woman?”

Adam doesn’t appear be to be the type to sexually assault anyone. While he does live the party lifestyle, he has a girlfriend that also partakes.

Lena the Plug was close friends with the alleged victim. She was also there the night the assault took place.


What Other News Sites Won’t Tell You

Lena is not mentioned in the Daily Beast article. I’m certain this was deliberate because she would have been a witness for the defense side.

Another important factor to consider; If Adam22 supposedly assaulted this girl, why did she text him, “I’m sorry you’re going through this.” Instead of assisting in setting the record straight?

What the internet is saying about Adam22 is foul. They are leading the readers into the direction that these are in fact true. However, they make sure you’re only getting part of the story.


The Truth About Atlantic Records

Another part of this that media outlets, like this one won’t tell you is the truth about Atlantic. The record label and Adam22 parted ways, prior to the allegations. For whatever reason, Atlantic has been dropping a lot of people this year. This includes Snow Tha Product.

I guess I can go around and say that Atlantic is losing people because they conduct poor business. All I have to do is put allegedly in the title and I’m just reporting a story.

Did the allegations have an affect on Adam22’s and Atlantic’s business relationship? It’s 2018 so the answer is, yes. Netflix and Kevin Spacey are the perfect example of this.


My Thoughts

Do I like Adam22? He’s interviewed people I like. The only crime this man has committed was building a platform for mumble rappers. I don’t think ill of him as a human being. Just because he has a different lifestyle than me, does not give me the right to judge him.

As soon as I heard the victim had a disability, I had to laugh. It sounded like a parody of The Fugitive. Another thing I want to point out is the company keeps. Pornstar Riley Reid, Tana Mongeau, Snow Tha Product, and his girlfriend Lena the Plug. All of them are abled and beautiful woman.

Let’s be honest, he doesn’t need to sexually assault anybody, nor does he have the personality type. He’s outgoing, professional and has a reputation to uphold. I firmly believe that all of this is publicity to generate traffic online. Nothing more.


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