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Big Hoodoo Bitch I’m Gone Review

Big Hoodoo Released A Brand New Music Video For His Single Bitch I’m Gone

Written By: Sid Jones

First Impression

Big Hoodoo has a new video out on the official Psychopathic Records YouTube. No lie, this song is probably my favorite song from him. Not to mention, the video was pretty good too.

I love the beat and I love how the video opens. For me, this is old school hip hop that breaks away from his gimmick. I didn’t expect this at all.

He references the streets of 7 Mile in the first verse, which I’ll add started of slow. I was glad I gave this one a chance. If you’re a hip hop fan, you’ll enjoy this track.

Music Video

As I stated earlier, Big Hoodoo’s video was done rather well. While it takes place in one room (I assume it’s at the Industrial Complex where Hallowicked took place) it helped get the message across. That looked like the Hyped Up Live studio to me.

As mentioned in the song, he switched up his style. That being said, he had Ouija Macc and Violent J in the video. They didn’t add much to the smoke, Jack Daniels, or the beautiful woman in Hoodoo Paint. However, they certainly reminded us that he is Psychopathic and running with the hatchet.

Overall Review

When Hoodoo first came on the scene, I wasn’t down with him at all. I didn’t like his gimmick or his music. After hearing this song, I was rather impressed.

If he keeps going down this road with this style of Hip Hop, I’ll be buying that new album. I strongly recommend watching the video. The song is solid, minus the hook. Big Hoodoo has solid lyricism and it made a bold statement. “I’m a valid contender.”

Again, I could do without the hook. The verses made it worth the listening and that beat. Both elements made for a solid track. Anyone catch that Busta Rhymes vibe and that Walk Into The Light delivery? Listen for the Tupac reference as well.


I give it a solid 4/5 stars. Well played Hoodoo. You made this hater listen up and eat his words. Props.

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