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Mr Hernandez AKA 6IX9INE Official Music Video Review

Grizzy Hendrix Goes In On Mr. Hernandez Arrest With A Brand New Music Video

Written By: Sid Jones

Mr. Hernandez is a brand new song, with a music video to go with it. Grizzy Hendrix has been confused for being a diss rapper. We’ve talked about Grizzy in a previous article that you can check out here.

The new song is no different. Rather than a diss to 6IX9INE, it’s more of a sign of sympathy. Grizzy Hendrix delivers a powerful message, “Now you gotta focus on not dropping the soap.” Which means, everything Mr. Hernandez has done, led to up to this. There are consequences.


Commentary On Society

Grizzy Hendrix has made a career of putting in his two cents on pop culture and icons. Mr. Hernandez is a way to open up communication. Not just with Tekashi, but with upcoming rappers.

Instead of commentating on fictional subject matters, Grizzy focuses on Socioeconomics. This is something to consider when listening to Mr. Hernandez. The song is a letter to the artist that fell from grace.

You’re probably thinking, “This is just a hot topic and algorithms etc.” The question then remains, “Why did he get deep and sympathetic?”


The Music Video Is Crucial

A lot of time and effort went into the making of, Mr. Hernandez. As a matter of fact, it’s probably one of the most impressive videos we’ve seen in 2018. As the readers can tell by the image above, Grizzy is not getting violent or angry towards 6IX9INE.

He’s sitting next to him, he’s standing beside him. That sends a message and it’s vital to point out. Fans of Grizzy Hendrix know this already. It’s the Tekashi fans that might take offense. Odds are, they’re not familiar with this style of music. Or Grizzy Hendrix. To no surprise, they would avoid the song and video altogether.

The music video presents a different stature. It appears that Grizzy is trying to be more of a guardian angel to Tekashi. For fans of 6IX9INE, they should acknowledge this and take it into consideration.


My Thoughts

As I said in previous articles. When it comes to Tekashi 6IX9INE, I can’t stand him. However, listening Mr. Hernandez and watching the video, I actually kind of feel for the guy, too.

Grizzy Hendrix is an incredible artist with a lot of potential. He’s not a clout chaser, he’s a different kind of rapper. Again, as mentioned a previous article he’s the artist the world needs right now.

I’ve heard the song and watched the video at least seven or eight times, while writing this. I applaud Grizzy Hendrix for doing this and, I thank him. Watch the video for yourself and you’ll see what I mean:


What did you think about the video? Do you agree with my thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments below!

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