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No Free Tickets Surpasses Expectation

No Free Tickets Is One Of The Greatest EPs Of 2018 Here’s Why

Written By: Sid Jones

No Free Tickets is the album hip hop fans have been needing for quite some time. We have talked about REDD’s career, his music videos and so on. What we haven’t heard was an EP that brings people to think.

When I tell music fans that dislike hip hop, “REDD’s music makes people think.” They blink and cannot comprehend the words that come out of my mouth.

No Free Tickets raises the bar and battles nonsensical repetition and lyricism. Whatever music you listen to, if the phrase, “Music is my therapy” etc. then you need to hear this album.


The Theme Throughout

In the days of social media, self awareness has become obsolete. Often times, we are embarrassed for someone based on what they post. No Free Tickets pulls the judged and judging into self-reflection.

No, this album is not about social media. It is about you and the people around you. In some way, shape or form. Whether it be relationships, dreams, depression, euphoria, or simply being in a content state of mind.

Whatever I want for instance, gives you the “I can do whatever I want” mindset. While at the same time, giving you the opposing factor; the potential ramifications and consequences.

No Free Tickets gives you the perspective of the people around you. From people close to you, to the ones you might judge online. Forcing you to see people in a different light.

In fact, REDD sets that example with the person featured on, Whatever I Want. It wasn’t a power play, or a way to sell the album.

Instead, REDD proved that he could work with anyone he wanted, outside of his genre. Jamie adjusted and went outside his comfort zone to help deliver REDD’s message.


Society Isn’t Ready To Board This Train

I liked the title of this album. “No Free Tickets” leaves people wondering, “No free tickets to a show? A cruise?” My interpretation? No Free Tickets to anything.

Nothing in life is free. Not even life itself. While that might be a little deep, let’s take it to something more relatable. Your friend gives you free tickets to a show.

Did you end up buying merch? Did you take video, share pictures, or write about it on social media? You worked for those tickets. Nothing is free, despite being told something is.

No Free Tickets is so complex, yet simple that record labels aren’t ready to distribute this music to the masses. It would force them to become thinkers.


Rest And Relaxation Or?

R&R is quite possibly one of my favorite songs. The hilarity and humility of every day life. Whether we’ve grown as individuals, or stayed the same. REDD argues that while we feel like we set milestones, our behavior may not have changed as much as we think it has.

What does R&R stand for though? REDD is a magician when it comes to lyrics and song titles. Again, this adds to his style and his overall messages.

What I gathered after listening to the song a few times, I came to the conclusion that it’s about how comfortable we get in life and stay stagnant. While we try and make changes, it’s frustrating when we are pedaling as fast as we can, getting nowhere.

It’s beyond rest and relaxation. When we take a minute to rest, sometimes we get in a funk that we can’t get out of. If you listen to how REDD raps about it, it’s frustrating.


REDD Responds To Tech N9ne

No Free Tickets has a clever way of responding to artists as well. Take Tech N9ne’s song, Slacker and compare it to R&R. Slacker celebrates and brags about smoking pot and watching music videos.

However, R&R detests the acceptance of that lifestyle. With that said, I am not saying this is a diss song. As a matter of fact, I think this is quite the opposite. Wake Up is referring to waking up from that nightmare of a life and turning it around.

The track list is perfectly listed in order of each song. There’s no better way to have a soundtrack to your life and to Wake Up motivated.

Slacker, R&R, and Wake Up add to each other. If you took all Three songs and listened to them back to back, you’d see that. REDD is grabbing the slacker and warning them, “You can get out of this and be something.”

No Free Tickets meets Absolute Power. I rest my case.


(No Free)Tickets Please

No Free Tickets is packed with great hits from start to finish. Tickets explains the overall message. “There’s no free tickets on the ride of a lifetime.” Which, merges perfectly with every song. It is the centerpiece of this extraordinary journey.

NLC is probably my favorite song on the album. It’s a callback to his entire career and could easily combat with Eminem’s song, Fall.


Overall Grade: 5/5 stars

I can’t recommend this album enough. If you’re a fan of hip hop, rock, blues, R&B, or you just want something new to listen to. No Free Tickets is the EP for you.

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