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Seven The General Educates The Modern Hip Hop Era

Seven The General Is A Crucial Icon For Today’s Hip Hop Era

Written By: Sid Jones

Seven The General is one of the most interesting OG artists. He has that Detroit sound and the charisma to lead the way. In the current wave of music, we’re seeing a lot of changes.

It’s not difficult to predict where the music scene is headed. The record labels are beginning to realize their ships are sinking.

Trap music and mumble rap are becoming less popular. We’re seeing the return of Fat Joe, DMX (as I had predicted) and many others. However, Seven The General proves to be on the forefront.


The Detroit Movement

While Seven The General is considered underground, he’s proven to be more than that. He featured on a song with King Gordy titled, Underground Music.

This isn’t his only contribution to the underground. Seven The General has a project that stands out in all of hip hop. Sanctum Santorum. Why is this album so crucial? The features.

This Is Detroit

Instead of having a project for the sake of clout, Seven put his effort into putting lesser known artists on the map. More importantly, he focuses on the artists in Detroit.

Esham is probably the most well-known feature. You wouldn’t know it at first glance.

Take a look at the listing below:

1. Blame It (feat. Stretch Money)
2. Im From 7 Mile
3. Tool On Deck (feat. Rockbottom)
4. U Talk It I Live It (feat. Rico Fonzarelli)
5. City Look Good (feat. J Oneal & King Reese)
6. Get It Freestyle
7. Rep Where You Stay Remix (feat. Big Phella Dec, John Drama, Boskeet & Rolla Dutch)
8. Get It Done (feat. J Oneal & J Smoove)
9. Up Here (feat. K Deezy & Pa Scrill)
10. Detroit City (feat. Streetrunna Reese)
11. The Reign Dance (feat. Rockwitcha, B Down the Boss, Atilla Ming, Uno, Rockwitcha, B Down the Boss, Atilla Ming & Uno)
12. I Get It In (feat. K’jon)
13. Crankin (feat. Rockwitcha, B Down the Boss, Attilla Ming, Rockwitcha, B Down the Boss & Attilla Ming)
14. In My Veins (feat. Stretch Money & Skreg)
15. On My Detroit Sh*t (feat. Big Herk, Marv Won, Stretch Money, Cap, J Nutty, Esham, Young Product & Al Nuke)


2019 Will Be The Year Of The OG

After listening to his recent projects, something occurred to me. Another OG is proving to make a comeback. His name is DMX.

Why am I bringing him up? As I’ve mentioned earlier, I predicted he’d be back, making music. Only good things would come out of a collaboration with Seven The General and DMX.

Why are these old school rappers making a comeback in the first place? Simply put, it’s an uprising. For the past few years, hip hop has been in the hands of modern day artists. Most of which, have contributed very little to the music.

The different styles being combined would be a game changer and a call to action.

The question is, which side are you on? The mainstream, short shelf mumble rappers? Or the OGs that have been in the game with more knowledge than these modern day labels?

Let us know in the comments below!

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