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Genghis Ganj ‘Deathmatch Champions’ Review

Genghis Ganj Unleashes Hell In A Hardcore EP ‘Deathmatch Champions’

Written By: Sid Jones

Genghis Ganj has proven to be a valid contender in hardcore Hip Hop. From being known as the Stephen King of Rap Battles, he has held a legacy in his own right.

My first introduction to this artist was at the Last American Rock Stars release party. Fitting since his song, Mosh Pit Decapitation featuring King Gordy came in the following months.

If you haven’t heard this song, you clearly didn’t buy the Underground Hustlin’ 65 album.

For me, it was one of my top five songs off the two disc mixtape. For those that want to hear this track, we got you covered!

The chemistry between Genghis Ganj and King Gordy is phenomenal. To be honest, I had hoped that this wouldn’t be the last I heard from this artist. When I had requests from several people to review it, I was more than happy to oblige.

The album had missed my radar for its release date. I did however, hear that we have more music coming from Genghis Ganj in 2019.

Until then, let’s dive into the 22 minutes of pure mayhem and violence in Deathmatch Champions!


The Artwork

When I think Deathmatch, I think the old wrestling days with hardcore legends. If you’ve never heard of Terry Funk, or Mick Foley you’re missing out and they are depicted on the album cover.

Wrestling fans from all around would celebrate this cover art. Think Iron Maiden, crossed with Cannibal Corpse. That’s what this reminds me of.

The gore and the violence is very much present and it advertises what you’re about to hear. As a matter of fact, you can listen to it before continuing on:


The Eight Tracks Are No Holds Barred

Before I listened to this album, I read the track list. I couldn’t hit the play button fast enough. So far, everything is looking too good to be true. The songs match the artwork, which doesn’t happen often. Second, the EP title is the last song on the track.

All too often, none of the previous mentioned have been the case. In most albums I’ve listened to, the artwork is usually false advertisement. Genghis Ganj appears to be on the same page.

With that said, cue the music, step into the ring and lower the cage! It’s gonna be brutal.


Oceans of Glass

Genghis Ganj certainly didn’t ease into anything. A hard beat kicks off the tone for the rest of the song and the album. No hook, just verses that uppercut the listeners and doubters with lyricism.

“I’m a piranha on a warpath. Fucking kill the Calvary, don’t even try to battle back. ” One of my favorite lines in the track. Why? Because the analogy is perfect. You would have to understand how these fish operate in order to catch what’s being said.

Genghis Ganj may not be a “megalodon” in the underground. Nor is he swimming with one. Instead, he’s a lone fish that doesn’t go with the flow of the others. Instead, he would devour any other “fish” in the waters.

A reference to labels, artists, and the industry. We now know who he’s stepping in the ring with. It’s not looking to good for his opponents.


Smokin’ Thru The Neighborhood

At first glance, you might be thinking the ref pushed everyone into their respected corners. This is not the case, in the slightest. In fact, the similar kickoff we had to the first track.

This is the one song that stood out from the rest of the album. To be honest, it’s my least favorite song. The beat and production is out of this world.

I have mentioned this before, smoking music isn’t my thing. The hook is good and the verses are extremely lyrical. If you enjoy smoker music, this well end up in your top ten songs.


Fuck You Godammit

This is the part where Genghis Ganj put handcuffs on his opponents. As they meander, disfigured around the ring, the chair shots echo.

However, this contender decides he’s going to point at the rafters at God. Hence the cleverness of the title. If you listen closely, he’s targeting those that push their beliefs on him.

Call me quick to judge, but I’m certain a lot of our readers can connect with what Genghis Ganj is saying.


Wild As Fuck

Back in the day, there was a genre called hardcore punk. To me, this was a highlight of the Deathmatch Champions EP. The song title speaks for itself.

I couldn’t help but think that the punk aspect, may have been deliberate. Notice in the picture that he’s wearing a Sex Pistols’ t-shirt? If I’m right, then this song is definitely for punk rock fans.


Maniac Slashers Of Midnight Gore

This song connected with the album cover theory I had pointed out earlier. Enter the Cannibal Corpse fans. The lyrics are without a doubt controversial and shocking.

It appears that Genghis Ganj’s opponent is left broken, battered and beaten at this point. Some of the most violent lyrics off this album and quite possibly, this year.

If you enjoy horrorcore rap music, violent and brutal lyrics? I cannot recommend this song enough. Cannibal Corpse fans out there, this one is without a doubt, for you.


All You Need To Do Is Die, Bitch Ft. Kovax

The opponents may be down for the count. The fact they still have a pulse is apparently, bothersome. So, Genghis Ganj waves for Kovax to come out and help end the foes.

Fans jumped out of their seat, watching the Motor City icon rush into the ring, barbed wire bat and chair in hand. A shocking and surprising appearance that made this, the headlining moment of the EP.

It starts with a bell tolling, and the lyrical bombs drop. “You’re getting tattooed with bamboo.” I have never been hit with bamboo, nor do I want to.

“Open wounds hit with lemon juice.” Yes, because all of the brutality Genghis Ganj has already delivered, wasn’t enough.

Kovax Delivers A Beating Of His Own

After the hook is delivered, Kovax comes out of nowhere with something unexpected. “Officer killed a guy, reaching for his wallet.” Wait, it get’s even more away from the Kovax we’ve known and loved.

“Woah, holy hell you got some bold opinions. I’m knocking them down like, bowling pins, holding my dick and blowing them kisses.”

That was quite possibly the one part that had my jaw dropped and laughing at the same time. Genghis Ganj may have just added more moves into the Kovax arsenal. For this, I am forever grateful.

I didn’t think it was possible. It was hard to tell going in how the chemistry between Genghis and Kovax would work. The turn of events made me like this song and add it to my playlist. The Kovax delivery remains fast and brutal.

The match isn’t over yet.


Riot Up

Genghis Ganj riles up his fans with this mix. It’s a protest song against everyone. A track about retaliation. Instead of flashbang and beanbags, Genghis has Nitroglycerin and pride.

The protest aspect, in my opinion isn’t against a regime or an injustice. Rather, it’s standing against humanity in it’s entirety. It took me a few listens to come to this conclusion.

When your backs are against the rope, if times are hard or you got people standing against you. I strongly suggest you listen to this song. It will give you an adrenaline boost to continue to fight the good fight.


Deathmatch Champions

In the middle of the ring, stands Genghis Ganj, Kovax and X Strik Nyne. This is the celebratory moment of victory, while stomping on the lifeless bodies in the ring.

From florescent light tubes and ambulances, this song is the soundtrack for hardcore fans. Whether it’s hardcore music or wrestling.

I will say this. If you’re not a wrestling fan, you may not be as into the lyrics of this song. If you catch the violent themes, it may be enough to suffice.


Overall Thoughts

Personally, I liked the EP. The beat sounded very similar throughout. However, I think that it truly was the carrier for the project.

The highlights were, All You Need To Do Is Die, Bitch, Deathmatch Champions and Riot Up. If I had to pick, these would be my favorites. They stood out and I could listen to them, without hitting the skip button.

Genghis Ganj has his own unique sound, but if you like Danny Diablo this may end up being one of your favorite artists of all time.

Grade: 4.5/5 Stars


What did you think of the EP? Let us know in the comments below and make sure you’re following Genghis Ganj on all social media!

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