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Support Local Artist Memes Are Futile Here’s Why

Support Local Artist Memes Are Popular And Useless

Written By: Sid Jones

Support your local artist. This is something that I have been seeing more of in recent weeks. The last time I saw posts like this was in the dreadful year of 2014.

Today, I am here to present a different perspective. Its important that people understand why these memes exist and are unfortunately, useless.


Everything Wrong In One Image

I commented on this post. As a matter of fact, the positive reaction I received is what inspired me to write this. Can you see everything wrong with this local rapper post?

First off, it’s already downplaying the locals. “Your favorite rapper was once a local rapper.” Did you just assume that my favorite artist isn’t local? I think I made my point.

Second, the person that made this is clearly a Tech N9ne fan. I wonder if they support their local artist? If they do, why didn’t they find a way to promote them? All this does is promote a well established artist.


The Fault Of The Promoter

Allow me to introduce you to a scenario. You have a friend, or multiple friends that are about to go to YOUR show. This is the biggest show and you’re excited.

Let’s say they show up early. Show was scheduled to start at say, 7:00. An hour later, the first act gets on. Your friend is now, bored.

They did everything you asked though. Showed up early. The show gets pushed even more time and now its one artist after another. No build up, no time for a proper introduction. Now, you’re friend is confused.

You finally get to go up, but your set us cut from 20 minutes, to 10. You get to do two songs, jump off stage and go see your friend.

To make matters worse, the headliner couldn’t perform because the venue closed early. This is not the fault of the local artists. However, it’s going to be hard to convince your friend to go to another show.


Not Every Artist Is Going To Be Great

I don’t mind going to local shows. That being said, I at least like to know who’s who. For two reasons. One, if I like it, I want to be able to post about it on social media. Second, if you’re a local artist that’s terrible, I want to avoid you like the plague.

I’m not trying to be mean. Facts are facts. “Hates all the local bands?” That sounds like, “He/she hated my music so they hate all local bands/rappers.”

I have shown up late to shows. I have shown up early for shows. That being said, out of every show I’ve been to, I have found two where I didn’t like any of the “local” acts. Did I mention that one of those shows was headlined by a local band/artist?


Over Saturation Prevents Success

This is a local artist’s creed. The above is something we have all heard time and time again. Has it gotten to the point where it’s a cliché? Well, I think so.

The problem isn’t supporting artists. It’s a matter of mastering a craft versus cutting corners. The ability to make music and not focusing on crisp production, or delivery is maddening.

With that said, if you truly believe in an artist or band, support them. Don’t support someone because they’re your friend. Your honest feedback may end up being the difference. Either they take your criticism, or they continue to make subpar content.

In 2001, there were 2,511,000 artists in the United States. I can’t even imagine what that number is today. The more artists there are, the less others have a chance to succeed.

The times have changed. If you want success, you have to study more than just music. The powers that be have made it more difficult for you to succeed. I strongly suggest mastering and being dedicated to your music and career.


A Piece Of Advice

Don’t let people decide your fate, either way. If the music business is your dream, go for it. Not everyone can be famous. The hoops that have been put in place, are there for a reason.

Obstacles are there to help sort out the dedicated and the well produced music. Efforts are meant to be rewarded. Jump through the hoops, study how others become successful. More importantly, do not cut corner. As a local artist, you are not well known. Only you and your fans can change that.

The tools are there, and here at RoxxxTV we’re here to help.


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