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6IX9INE Pleads Not Guilty Court Date Set For September

6IX9INE Dummy Boy Album Leaks, Court Date 10 Months Away, And It Gets Better

Written By: Sid Jones


6IX9INE should be voted the most unluckiest artist of 2018. He’s not alone, either. His record label is also taking a tremendous amount of damage.

Think back to when 6IX9INE was supposedly kidnapped. Everyone said it was a publicity stunt. Naturally, when TEKASHI made a video stating that he fired his team, nothing changed.

Ever since 6ix9ine was brought into court on federal and RICO charges, it got so much worse. Apparently, he’s already been in physical altercations and transferred to a snitch prison.

Now, his album has leaked. Adam22 did a vague review in a YouTube video:

“The vibe of this project is really saddening.” Adam22 takes 6IX9INE’s mindset and compares it to Dummy Boy. I have to be honest, I have no idea what a bettywap is.

“Where does the label go from here? What do they do with this? How do you, as a label possibly justify like every day that goes by is millions and millions of streams that you’re not monetizing.”


My Thoughts

I can’t stand 6IX9INE. It feels like every time I write about him, I have to say that. With that said, I am with the majority when it comes to the course of events. If you broke everything down, you’d find that this is Karma at it’s finest.

Where do I get my laughs? It’s not from watching a man sitting in prison until September. I certainly don’t smile that his album leaked. No, it was when I heard this Fat Joe interview where everything made sense to me:

An old school hip hop artist from my generation, on a modern day artist not listening. That to me, is justice. We had the best music, we had artists that faced jail time and their careers? Still intact. Maybe this is why record labels are diving back into our scene?

These labels learned a little too late. Don’t bother with these young kids. Who knows, maybe it’s all just part of the dumbing down of an entire generation of teenagers.

With all this being said, I find it interesting that we’ve had the series of unfortunate events reported to you. For now, and I hope I’m right!


Are you guys about to check out that Dummy Boy album? Me neither!

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