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REDD ‘Caught Up’ Official Music Video Review

REDD Released His Second Song And Music Video Off His Upcoming Album ‘No Free Tickets”

Written By: Sid Jones

REDD has been the artist fans from all over have turned to in 2018. To close out the year, REDD is releasing his solo album, No Free Tickets.

His newest song, Caught Up is the party song that everyone can vibe to. There’s a couple of underlying messages that echo within this deep track.

REDD has always shared his philosophies, within his lyrics. Music has been his outlet for the complex emotions that we all struggle through.


The Little Moments

Have you ever found yourself in a moment that you wanted to last forever? Well, this is one of the things REDD mentions within the first thirty seconds. “What a day, what a life.” Just a few seconds later, it’s almost as if he’s questioning the good.

We’ve all been guilty of doing this. Some of us have a fear of enjoying something. Simply because, we’re afraid it’s going to end badly.

REDD offers reassurance through a different perspective. The cure to overthinking is simply, enjoying the moment. That’s something I think we can all work on doing.


Who You Are

It took me a few listens to catch this. I have listened to this song and broke down the lyrics, over and over. I was blown away and immediately came here.

Every moment in your life, brought you here. When you think about the day to day, it doesn’t mean much, right? Well, when you go through it second by second, it gives you a completely different point of view.

Imagine, looking back at the greatest and worst moments of your life. Each decision you’ve made, made you. We get caught up in the good and the bad. These moments don’t last forever, but they make us who we are.


There Is No End Game

REDD blew me away with this concept. Most of us feel like we aren’t put on this earth, simply to exist. We all have a purpose and we have aspirations. Sometimes, we negotiate with our goals and wait for that one moment. Whether it’s a relationship, a car, a career or a house.

How often do we think past that moment? We usually think about obtaining and achieving what we want, with little thought of what comes next.

That stuck with me. When REDD was sitting in the thrown and T-Money Green, Rocky Wallace and everyone was partying, that was REDD’s moment he waited for.

Notice something though?


Not Everything Lasts

Watch the video again. Notice REDD’s life? This is about him having what most people want. A beautiful home, beautiful girlfriend and so on. What happens?

It all changes. He ends up a big name, partying and hanging around celebrities. If you look, you’ll see that his once girlfriend wasn’t by his side.

Redd ends up with a different girl. Again, one of the things I love about REDD’s music videos. They add to the song. What’s more is the end of the video calls right back to the beginning.

He got everything he wanted. So, why did the video end where it started?

After you watch the video, look around. What do you want in life? Is it worth sacrificing everything you have? I think that was just one of many things REDD wants everyone to consider.


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