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Freshness From FFF


Single Drops From Fearless Fred Fury


Written By: Warloxide


When you know when the world around you is all kinds of fucked up, it’s time to Fight Back! that’s the exact message I get from the newest single to drop from Fearless Fred Fury. I myself have had multiple speculations as to what the sound of the album would be and was I wrong. This single is nothing short of amazing. I believe that Fearless Fred Fury will leave no-one disappointed. Bringing back them dope lyrics that we have all missed from the clowns so badly. It seems as if ICP can read the minds of the Juggalos as this song is exactly what we all wanted to hear.



Insane Clown Posse announced they’re newest addition to the second deck of Jokers cards at Hallowicked 2017. They announced the first released date as October 26, 2018. And just two days before its release the clowns announced that it would be pushed back until February 15, 2019.  Consequently this raised a lot of hysteria in the Juggalo Community as everyone was excited for the drop. Speculations arose about the album being pushed back but no-one would believe it until it came from the horses mouth. Furthermore the push back pissed a lot of people off but i do believe that this track should ease the tension for it shows a lot of promise.


WTF Insane Clown Posse FFF Single





Check out that link for the full single entitled WTF off from the upcoming album Fearless Fred Fury. I am confident that you will like what you hear. If you are one them types that hates government corruption, then this track is for you. ICP has always been known for talking about subjects that others are afraid to talk about and this is one of them. The feel of the album to me is similar to that of the Amazing Jeckle Brothers, the fifth Jokers card from the first deck. Lets hop the album has more of this style maybe a tad bit less screamer/rock style. If I had one complaint that’s what it would be, to much screamer style. But none the less this shows major promise for FFF and it feels good to be excited about an album drop again.






Pre-orders have also dropped the same day as the single.In fact you can get over here to check out the list of items you can get on pre-orders. This is one of the freshest pre-order lineup I have seen. Besides when was the last time an album has had this much hype and freshness? The items available are:


The FFF pre-order packages come in the following variations:

  •  Fred Fury Hockey Jersey Mega + Red Fury Decal – $200.00
  •  Jacket Mega + Red Fury Decal – $200.00
  • Fearless Fred Fury Hoodie + Red Fury Decal – $85.00
  •  Tie Dye T-shirt + Red Fury Decal – $60.00
  • Fearless Fred Fury All Over Print T-shirt + Red Fury Decal – $60.00
  • Fearless Fred Fury Long Sleeve T-shirt + Red Fury Decal – $40.00
  • Hypnotic Red Fred Black T-shirt + Red Fury Decal – $35.00
  •  Snapback + Red Fury Decal – $40.00
  • Fearless Fred Fury CD Only – $10.00

Also available for purchase are the following:

  • Bang Pow Boom Blue Vinyl – $25.99
  • Hell’s Pit Vinyl – $25.99
  • Terror Wheel Picture Disc – $19.99
  • Insane Clown Posse – “WTF” CD Single – $4.99
  • Insane Clown Posse – “WTF” Digital Download – $1.99

Finally all kinds of freshness is dropping from Psychopathic Records with the end of the year near. So many people think that Psychopathic is failing because they’re not putting out quantity. The plus side is they are in fact putting out quality and that trumps quantity anytime. I hope you dont just take my word for it and you get over and check out WTF. Also check back right here for any updates or news.

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