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Adam22: TAKASHI 6IX9INE Faces Fed Charges

Adam22 Confirms That TAKASHI Facing Federal Charges Is Not A Publicity Stunt

Written By: Sid Jones

Adam22, a famous YouTuber that covers hip-hop news has confirmed what the majority was thinking. Takashi 6ix 9ine is facing life in prison.

“RICO charges and racketeering charges.” Adam 22 explains what these are in his video, covering the story down below:

“Some of the stuff we’ve been expecting. We’ve heard about the shooting cases.” Adam22 goes on to discuss the charges of Takashi’s former manager Shotty. “Was he fired for poor performance? Or was he fired because 6ix9ine saw this case coming?”

“There’s only two things I’m afraid of. God and a Fed case.” This is what Adam22 quoted from Takshi’s Breakfast Club appearance.

The part of the video that got my attention? Was when Adam began to talk about the rumors he heard about the rapper.

“I’ve heard crazy shit about 6ix9ine that I kinda just ignored.”

That quote, as I’m watching his video made me wonder a few things. First, will Adam22 continue to show love and support for Takashi? Or will he simply just cover the case? He does admit that, “Some of the stuff we’ve been hearing correlates.”

My Thoughts

I personally believe that Adam22 has found his big story, heading into 2019. I’ve said it before, I’m not a fan of this artist. I put him at the number one worst rapper of all time.

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Adam22 has conducted some amazing interviews. I just wish he didn’t put a lot of shine on the mainstream artists we’ve been hearing about. Matt Ox, Lil Xan, Takashi etc.

However, he has interviewed, Xzibit, Bizarre of D12, Tech N9ne, among other OG artists in the game. Adam22 has a lot of credibility and is well respected in the industry.

RoxxxTV will keep you posted as the case continues in one of the most notorious cases in hip-hop history. Be sure to tell your friends that you heard here!


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