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Whitney Peyton Love You The Right Way Music Video Review

Whitney Peyton Breaks The Current Trend With New Music Video

Written By: Sid Jones

Whitney Peyton has been undoubtedly, the most impressive female emcee to date. We’ve talked about her recent projects, her history and illustrious career.

I was honored to review her songs she had put out all summer long. Now, we’re getting the music videos that have the perfect tone to reflect the mood and lyrics.

A female rock star with nothing but love for music and her fans. Whitney Peyton has proved that even being an underdog, victory and success is possible.

A trend setter and an undeniable legend in the making. The new Love You The Right Way music video elaborates and drives the point home.


MTV Would Be Proud

If music television was alive and well today, this video would be shown on loop. Love You The Right Way captures the music we loved.

If you miss waking up and watching Music Television, this video will do the trick. The cinematography is crisp, clean and would blend well with a Fast and Furious montage.

Did we mention the dancing? Think back to when Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Beyoncé, Spice Girls and others lit us up with their choreography? The bright lights and pop feel? Whitney’s bringing it back!


The 90s Approve

Whitney Peyton’s love for the 90s shines through in this music video. This brings me great hope for a movement we truly need.

Quality and dedication are lacking in the mainstream. This music video, with enough reach could be one of the tactics to bring love back to music.

The kids today will never truly understand what it was like to be a music fan in the 90s. If there’s one thing to take away from, Love You The Right Way it’s that Whitney is bringing hip hop back.

This was one of my favorite songs on the Iridescent album. Now, it’s been made into one of my favorite music videos to come out this year!

What do you guys think of Love You The Right Way? Let us know in the comments below!


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