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Twiztid Is The Rap Duo That Dominated 2018

Twiztid Is Walking Out Of 2018 As The Greatest Duo 2019 Holds Promise

Written By: Elicia Joyce

Twiztid delivered the juggalo delicious treat for Halloween. Trick or treat!

This was a short but mind-blowing EP that left us wanting more. From from the brand new HOK tracks to old-school Twiztid. It’s everything Juggalos have asked for, in these we’re given halloween surprises from the demented duo.

That’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

Warped Tour, Attack of the Ninjas, the first ever Astronomicon, and their projects. It’s hard to believe that these two men have still found ways to keep the juggalos entertained and engaged.

How do they do it and how will they continue to do it?

Let us begin…


Majik Ninja Events, Tents, and Experiments!

Put yourself in the mindset of Twiztid for a moment. You’ve been making music since the 80s and have built a fanbase ever since. Where do you go from making music, touring all over, and selling millions in merch?

If I was an artist, I would have no idea. I would probably call it a day. Not the demented duo. Instead, they went straight into the thinktank.

Their ideas and concepts have changed the forefront of entertainment. Twiztid built it bigger and better. They’ve put in the work, not for the money but for the love.

We have Twiztmas, a free concert to help those in need. Three canned goods gets you in.

Astronomicon! Meeting your favorite celebrities, new people, live panels where YOU get to ask questions, video game room, and FREE MNE meet and greets! Truly remarkable.


No Rest For The Wicked

Twiztid has been working on music since the release of Year of the Sword. In 2018, they embarked on a mission to bring us more talent!

Alla Xul Elu and the Underground Avengers have joined the Majik Ninja Entertainment roster. Twiztid has featured on all their projects and promoted them the right way.

This year, we have seen more artists, more events, several tours and more! In that time, they have worked events to promote, perform, make merch, and they still won’t quit.


The Music We’ve Been Waiting For

Remember when Twiztid released Abominationz? The album that shocked and shook the underground? How about the wanting of some old school Twiztid?

Well, the demented duo managed to give us both styles in two EPs. Christmas came in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

The Trick R Treat EP and the Nightmare Children album. Both of which, contained variety and quenched our thirst. Something wicked brewed all year. A blend of horror, violence and tales of terror.

More importantly, it gave the old school fans and the newcomers something to enjoy. In this day and age, that is a critical and difficult thing to pull off. Twiztid delivered and didn’t disappoint.


In 2019 The Evilution Continues

Already, we’ve been getting announcements and updates regarding Astronomicon 2. Before the end of 2018, we’ll be getting geared up for more to follow.

It’s crucial to keep fans wanting for more. Everything has been done in a timely fashion and leaving us in shock and awe.

You can never have too much of a good thing. Anticipate more artists, more music, more events and more surprises. 2019 will not be the rinse, lather, repeat cycle.

The ground will shake and the music scene will erupt and celebrate. Just wait, they aren’t finished yet. They haven’t even cleared their throats.

Time will tell, best believe Twiztid will bring everything they’ve got this year.

And the years that follow.


What did you enjoy most about the releases this year? What are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below and follow us on all social media!

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