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Ouija Macc Urinal Review


Ouija Macc Urinal In Review


Written By: Warloxide


Do you know that feeling that you get when you run your nails over a chalkboard? Well that’s the same feeling I get when I watch this cringe worthy video that recently dropped by Ouija Macc. Coming right off his most recent album Gutterwater, Ouija Macc chose Urinal of all songs to make a video about. Not sure what he was thinking as this is one of the worse songs of the year.


My Thoughts

Personally I believe that this could possibly be the worse project to drop from Psychopathic. Pissing in girls mouths is in no way related to what Psychopathic really means. This entire video I would say is nothing less than an embarrassment to Psychopathic Records and the music we all actually love. People constantly asking “what happened to the Juggalo culture?” The only real answer is, “we have been imposed on by the likes of this shit that some of the newer generation think is cool.


I personally fear that the music industry will soon turn to this crap completely ruining the industry.  Don’t just take my word for it get over to YouTube and check this video out. Ouija Macc is a very talented artist, I just wish he wouldn’t waist his talents on childish songs like Urinal. When i first heard Ouija Macc on the Juggalo Love Psypher I was sold that he was the next big thing. After the Gutterwater album Im not so sure anymore.



I believe the days of lyricist are slowly coming to an end. It seems as if these up and coming artists have little to no talent. They are lazy with their lyrics and get so repetitive that you cant stand to listen to their music. In the back of my mind I’m asking myself why is Psychopathic pushing Ouija so much more than Lyte. Lyte is so much better and has so much more to offer the Juggalo world.


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