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XXXTENTACION ‘Bad’ Review More To Follow

XXXTENTACION Has Given Us Another Song After His Passing

Written By: Sid Jones

XXXTENTACION released a new song after his passing. Bad! is currently trending worldwide. I know we’ve talked about his music video, Moonlight.

Read it here before continuing

So how does one do an in-depth review of a repetitive song that’s less than two minutes long? More importantly, why?

The real reason isn’t for views, or generating some sort of traffic. My goal isn’t to capitalize on the death of a young man. I do this because these are the last words of a man that died. One day, there won’t be another X song.

Not only is it eerie to think about, it’s what he would have wanted. His fans, friends and family get to continue living with XXXTENTACION in their hearts.

I’m not a fan of his style of music. However, I have discovered that this is a writer’s dream. To look from a different perspective and share it with the world.

Truth is, XXXTENTACION has given me that chance. For that, I feel like I need to return the favor and help continue doing what I do as a journalist. Rather, a decent human being.

With that said, let’s get to Bad!

Looking For What’s Not There

I liked XXXTENTACION’SMoonlight. Did the factor that it released, after his passing add to it? Possibly. With that said, Bad! was a long song to either his ex that he spoke of, or a girl he met a club.

There isn’t anything there that I can find without reaching further than, a Stretch Armstrong action figure. To be honest, I don’t think there’s a deeper meaning to this new song.

In X’s defense, I don’t listen to mumble rap. I don’t know how to listen to it, maybe? So I can’t really grade it, based on meaning and depth.


Why You Should Listen To Bad!

There’s more music to follow this song. In the beginning, I mentioned that this is a writer’s dream. To be apart of the story that continues for a man that is no longer among us.

Same goes for the listeners. As I also mentioned, it’s trending worldwide. Perhaps maybe, there’s something to this music I’m not understanding.

XXXTENTACION may not be my preference. Musically, he isn’t that bad. I can’t picture myself yelling, “Turn it off, this is terrible!” The production is good, the sound isn’t bad, and it’s a minute and a half long.

If you can’t spare less than two minutes to sample his music, you’re being stubborn and narrow minded. Perhaps his new music is better than his older releases?



Anything that comes out from X, I will be covering. I’ve stated why, but that’s not the end of it. We have more to cover about X and Empire. In the future.

With each review of his song, I will be sharing my thoughts on the song and looking into the mainstream. No bias opinion and no agenda.

His music will live on and he’s not finished yet. Someone may have taken his life, but they couldn’t take away his music or the love his fans have.

It’s kind of sad to think that, one day the very last song will be uploaded. I would like to join his fans in doing as much as we can to have him remembered forever.

Even with small articles like this. Consider this my contribution.


Did you enjoy the song? Or did you decide not to listen to it? Let us know in the comments below!

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