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ICP Announces Big Ballas 2018


ICP Announces Freshest Big Ballas Yet


Written By: Warloxide


Ho Ho Ho its that time of year again Mutha Fackos. The smell of eggnog and pumpkin spice fills the air. The feeling of joy and love fills your soul, and the sound of killer clowns fills the streets of Detroit. This years Big Ballas Christmas Party has been officially announced!!


Insane Clown Posse announcing that the annual event will be held at the home of Psychopathic Records.  Yes you read that right, the venue is Psychopathic Records in Farmington Hills, Michigan. This is every Juggalos dream. This event carries a $150 price tag but is well worth the money spent. Included in the cost of the ticket you will get; an tour of Psychopathic Records, the Psychopathic Warehouse and the Lotus Pod Studio.





Along with the tours you will get FREE COOKIES and FAYGO! You will also get a Big Ballas Exclusive gift from ICP and everyone at Psychopathic Records. This all goes down December 22nd 2018 at 32575 Folsom Rd Farmington Hills MI. No Cell Phones,Cameras or any other recording devices will be permitted into the show. Just drop the technology for a night and chill with the Fahm. You are gonna want to be there.


Stay tuned right here to hear about my experience at this show. I will keep you up to date with all the details. Hope to see everyone there.


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