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KottonMouth Kings @ Harpos Detroit 11/10

KottonMouth Kings live @ Harpos Detroit  11/10 w/ Motown Rage KottonMouth Kings Openers

Come catch KottonMouth with the Kings at Harpo’s Detroit live this Saturday when O.G Stoners and weed music pioneers KottonMouth Kings when they invade Detroit with special guests Bio Killaz, Motown Rage, Chop Shop, and Scrub Central. This is going to be like a halfway to 420 parties and

      Halfway to 420

If you know how it is when the Kings come to town you might end up more lifted when you leave then the past 5 years of April’s in your life .some say when the kings come to town their bus flys and you can see it descend to the venue from the clouds of smoke above, known to only perform with some of the best talents in every city FatBoi can assure you that this is a stacked show. Although some haven’t heard but most have Motown rage is a great rock band with a true Detroit rock city sound coming to entertain and show you how the “Motor City ” dose things.

Stoner Acts and A Smoked Out Line Up

Along side KMK and Motown Rage are a mix of hip hop and rock infused groups like Bio Killaz ,  the one and only Tre lbs with Chop Shop and local pot heads most of us from the scene love Scrub Central . Roxxxstars if you haven’t heard of these groups opening for KottonMouth Kings you need to take the time to come out and see it besides being a bunch of stoners and great musical artist’s they all bring their own style and entertainment value to the show that you wont see anywhere else but here . But wait there is more if getting smoked out and enjoying a dope performance and good vibes dosen’t entise you we will also have special guest host Bobby ” The Truth ” Doe and special guest video dj Bobby Roxxx of Roxxtv keeping shit lit in between sets and forcing all the stoned and comatose bodies to rise to the occasion and vibe with the KottonMouth Kings and each other .

If you haven’t got your tickets yet make sure you hit up Tre Lbs to get them before they are gone he has the last few left  save at the door .make sure you check out the links bellow and I better see you there at the RoxxxTv booth getting smoked out and winning some free shit!!



Tre Lbs / Chop Shop :Tre Lbs weed


Bio Killaz:Bio Killaz




Motown Rage :Motown Rage




Scrub Central:Scrub Central






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