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REDD And Rocky Deliver Stellar Performance In ‘She Said’

REDD And Rocky New Music Video ‘She Said’ Is Absolutely Stunning With Lyrics To Match

Written By: Sid Jones

REDD and Rocky teamed up to perform a brand new single titled, She Said. The music video for this track is nothing short of a visual masterpiece. There’s so much more beyond what the eyes see when it comes to this project.

The chemistry between the two is phenomenal and the content is unquestionable. This isn’t your every day love song either.

At the surface, it appears to be just another Valentine’s Day song. Listen closely and pay attention to the visuals. You’ll see that it’s simply, not the case.

We are going to give you an in-depth look into the lyrics and the chemistry between Redd and Rocky. It’s heartfelt, emotionally complex, and riveting.


Beyond The Mundane

The music video opens with every day life. Or does it? Look closer, it’s the American dream. A frozen yard and an open fence. “Be MVP” appears in the opening gate and cuts to a projector. We are about to see the life of a happy couple. Or so it seems. Was everything taken for granted?

We’re seeing it in a family film setting. Why? Because it’s looking back at memories. This is a call back to one of REDD’s most popular songs, Memories. The cinematography flashes from the past to the present. The state of a relationship.

When the couple argues, the anger isn’t directed at Rocky. REDD is reflecting on his own emotions and his frustrations. His outward aggression is simultaneously shown with Rocky, still and calm.

It’s clear to the audience that she’s handling the confrontation differently. An accurate representation of being hurt.


Coping With The Turmoil

The music video takes us now into another dimension. What does this colorful environment represent? The mind and the coping. Notice the mirrors, forcing REDD to look inward? He is forced to see his behavior and emotions.

The toll it took on Rocky is now being suffered by Redd. The spiraling walls and ceilings representing the severity of Rocky’s inner torment. REDD is able to finally understand what he has put her through. All the while, she has been silent and introverted.

After dealing with the outburst of REDD’s actions, REDD now dives deep into what Rocky’s internal damage looks like. A different perspective. Confused and conflicted.

Rocky clearly still has love for REDD, although it is connected with the trauma, leaving her spun into a complex mix of emotion. Without Rocky saying anything, REDD is now in her world, her mind and her emotions.


Passive Aggressive Symbolism

Why would the arcade play apart in Rocky’s world? In her mind, it’s a representation of how she feels; Played. Now, with REDD caught up in her world, she’s able to play games and watch him collide with her agony.

Notice that Rocky never expresses her pain to REDD? That’s because her silence has shown him what it’s like. At the same time, not completely cutting him out. She just wants him to see how she feels.

Empathy is the key component that she’s longing for. For REDD to understand that she’s angered as well and the pain she’s enduring could lead to damning consequences.

Mirrors have played a huge part in this music video. Before REDD can confront her, he’s pounding away at glass that was transformed from the bedroom door.

Nothing in this video is a throwaway and it forces you to listen closely to what, She Said.


Forgiveness Through Empathy

Rocky and REDD are finally scene standing in the dark, followed by a memory of the two on a swing. Now that REDD has been pulled in Rocky’s emotions he can finally understand.

She embraces him in the dark. No matter what, he is her light and she is his candle. As different as they are, they found a way to cope and be together. All through empathy.

Love isn’t always beautiful, it’s dark and painful.


Pricing The Value Of Love

Rocky sets an example in this music video. Especially in this day and age. Women are too quick to forgive their significant other. While Rocky does forgive REDD, he had to go through the 9 circles of her mind and soul.

She wasn’t going to run back to him so quickly. Notice that while she suffered, she enjoyed a bath surrounded by candles and appeared to be comfortable.

When REDD enters her dimension, she is able to unveil all of her emotions through imagery. Her environment becomes his Hell. As depicted, she’s still calm and collected. While REDD appears confused, he begins to slowly understand.

She doesn’t let him get to her right away. First, he has to come to terms with everything he has done.


The Lyrics Have Double Meanings

As the hook plays, “I love you, I hate you, I need you, to leave me alone.” I thought back to the relationships I’ve had. I never understood it. “I’m the reason for your trouble. I don’t think you know what you did.” Gave me more closure than I had ever thought possible.

“I’m the reason for your troubles.” Is the line that truly got me. It’s not accepting responsibility. It’s what they’re saying to each other, as part of the argument.

Relationships are a two way street. It takes two and sometimes, we feel left abandoned, kicked to the dirt or just ignored. Sometimes, not being understood is a catastrophic misstep and it often taken as, not caring.

Overall Perspective

While it’s not clear who started the fight, it’s really a nonfactor. There’s a fire and it’s too late to wish you had an extinguisher. Understanding the other person is the main ingredient to a successful relationship. Riding the storm together cannot go without damage.

Repairing it will never be the same. So why fight for it? As the video shows us, it’s our memories. We tend to remember the bad ones, until it’s over. Then, we think back to the good times.

Both Rocky and REDD, during their brief separation, reflect. Notice how REDD was at work and still thinking about her? Perhaps, this was a reason for the break up? Too much time at work? Maybe he wasn’t spending enough time with her?

Maybe he felt that she wasn’t appreciating what she was doing? Truth it, they both knew their worth. They are both two different people. What brought them together is what brought them back.

They had to work for it. Was it the right though? As the video ends, they’re alone, standing in the dark.

Has it always been this way? Or are they going to eventually, emerge back into the glowing light of their love for each other?

Final Verdict

The video is top notch cinematography. The vocals were spot on and the lyrics were beautifully written. REDD and Rocky are both ahead of their time. She Said is certainly one of my favorite songs and it echoed Memories, almost making it a sequel.

It’s a five star song and the music video contributed perfectly. I’m excited for the future of both artists.


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