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Make Your Show A Success Top 10 Ways To Do It

Success Is The End Game! These Are The Ten Secrets!

Written By: Sid jones

Make your show a success. That’s the long and short of it. Look at everything you’ve had to do, all the phone calls, the bookings, availabilities and so on. That’s not even the tip of the iceberg. You’re just hovering over it.

There are so many things wrong with the music scene. There are also a lot of beautiful things to come from it. Your show has the potential to be one people go home to, happy and excited.

This is how you do it. Another infamous Sid Jones top 10! Before we begin, we’d like to remind you that we have officially licensed King Gordy t-shirts available for pre-order! Due to printing issues, you have more time to get yours at the special pre-order price!

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Budget Success

This goes with any business. As a promoter, this is something you need to take into account. How much money do you have right now? For now, go based off that. Do NOT spend money you DON’T have!

Instead, plan ahead. We’re not talking just your ideal headliner either. Insurance, venue rental fees, security, etc. Look into the costs of this before booking your favorite artist, or one you think will do well.

If you don’t have the money, save it. We’re gonna get into that a little later. Build up the amount you need to get everything rolling.



Research Success

This may come as a surprise to you. In order to help make your show a success, you need to figure out the demographics of the area. After you’ve chosen the venue, rented it out and so on, it’s time to investigate.

Figure out who people are listening to. What kind of genre is blowing up. This may differ from what you’ve been seeing at your local shows. However, there could be a local that’s buzzing around town. Maybe someone you need to look into.

This may also help you when you’re working on your dream list of headliners. Instead of looking at their pull, take a look into what people in the area are looking for.

Could be a game changer, more importantly, a deciding factor in how you book your show.



Schedule Success

There are roughly 20,000 shows annually, that LiveNation puts on. That doesn’t include competing promoters, surprise shows, release parties etc. You are in a competitive market.

I’m not going to soften this up for you, that is extremely difficult to do. Scheduling will help make your show. Not just by looking at the calendar, but by looking at what others have already promoted.

Look at the big shows. LiveNation, among other websites offer a glimpse into tours. If you have a big name artist at a stadium, next door to your show it could affect your numbers.

You will need to use this scheduling technique in every aspect. From the show date, to the time the show starts and ends. Be prompt, or your show could end before the headliner takes stage.



Announce Success

This day is more important than anything else in your life. Your wedding day, the birth of your child, even Christmas! This day must be treated as such. How you announce this show could very well determine some of the success.

As I pointed out earlier, you’re not the only event of the year. You need to tell people why your event is a must attend! Stand out and market. The who, what, when, and where. Be innovative on how you announce this show. Be creative.

No one ever discovered success from inside a box. Think outside it. Posting a picture on social media of a flyer doesn’t exactly take effort or creativity.



Promote Success

This is the do or die when it comes to your show. You need to promote correctly. Again, think outside of the box and this falls right back to the budgeting portion of this top 10. To make your show successful, you need people to buy tickets.

We will be going over the money making portion later on, right now is the time to get creative and get aggressive. Horrorcore rap artist Mars once told me, “If your mom or dad aren’t at this show, you’ve fucked up.” This was at a show in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Friends and family are the easiest to ask. So, start there and hopefully they’ll tell their friends. Under no circumstances do you stop there. Otherwise, it’s an expensive family reunion you just booked. No one likes a family reunion.

Be creative and original with the rest. Count on no one else to do it right. Assume they won’t do it at all. This includes your openers.



Lining Up Success

You’re selling tickets, promoting and working hard. Now, you need the lineup. Make your show a success and coordinate your lineup properly.

A piece of advice: Three Openers for every headliner. This gives local acts more of a chance to shine. Yeah, they’ll be on stage a little longer. However, they might end up blowing up after a great performance inside a packed building.

You will be partially responsible for their success. They might look back at your show as being one of the best. Or one of the worst. It all depends on you and how you coordinate.

I was just recently at a show where the show started over 90 minutes late and the headliners didn’t get to perform because the venue closed. This is unprofessional and if your name comes up about potential shows, you may be charged more for booking a headliner, or not booking them at all.

Your reputation is at stake.




Last Minute Success

The day of your show is not the last day of promotion. Get your cell phone and get a good angle of the people waiting to get inside. Do whatever you can to get more people at the show.

I cannot tell you how much this helps. I have seen shows with thirty people waiting and an hour after doors opened, another hundred or so people walked in.

This should be under the promoting and scheduling portion, however this is a key factor people tend to forget about. Remember, the more tickets, the better. Those people standing in line are potential for more sales.

Again, creativity and energy. Don’t be lazy.



Presenting Success

I cannot express how important this is. I have walked into several venues that I was not impressed by. One table, a banner that was out of place. It didn’t make me want to call my friends and tell them, “You need be here right now!”

Granted, I have seen shows that were the exact opposite. I’ve walked inside and have been absolutely taken away. I remember I was at an outdoor concert. It was free and I immediately called my friends to get the show.

Presenting success, as soon as someone walks in. Again, this will hurt your budget but you have to spend money to make money.

When the people that paid to come to your show are absolutely taken by the lights, music, the bar, banners etc. you’ve got them hooked for the majority of the night.




Hosting Success

The people are coming into the venue. They’re hearing your music and seeing everything you have set up. Now, it’s up to you to work your event. Make sure everything is good. Walk up, introduce yourself ask how they’re enjoying the show, beverages and move on. Five seconds.

Think of it like this. For that night, YOU OWN the building. That is no longer so and so’s pub or hall. It is now yours. Take pride in it. Let YOUR customers know you care.

For that night, you’re the rock star that made it all happen. Check on the bands/performers. This is very important. If there’s any issues going on, confrontations, lack of security you need to handle it. You’re the boss. Cold waters, towels, the works.

You paid for them to be there. Now, you need to treat them right. Who knows, maybe next time there’s a gig they might want to come back and do it for a less costly expense.



Capitalize On Your Success

This is the part where you celebrate. You’ve completed one of the most successful shows in the history of shows. Sort of. You’ve worked on your reputation and made a decent profit.

This isn’t the end of the road. Look for any footage of your show and pay attention to posts you’re tagged in on social media. This is where you thank the fans for a successful show and get active in doing this all over again.


One of the things I cannot stress enough. You’ve made a huge profit, now you need to bank it. Save your money and invest it into your show,  or something bigger. My grandmother use to say to me, “When you get paid, make sure you pay yourself first.”


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